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November 24th, 2007

My friends Kevin and Matt in Bellevue, WA have just recently launched a new virtual tour service. Their website is This new tour service has two types of tours:

  1. A full service to tour where eSiteTours will shoot, create, and host 360VR Flash tours for you. These 360 tours are shot with HDR, use Flash and expand to full screen. Also included in this package is up to 20 still shots presented both as stills and as a “Ken Burns” style slide-show.
  2. A basic tour where you just send your photos to eSiteTours and they will enhance them, if required, and create a Flash based “Ken Burns” movie style slide-show tour. This tour is designed for busy Realtors that want an elegant tour with out having to spend a bunch of time creating the tour. See their service page for a full description and comparison of their tours.

Both kinds of tours have Google map links for the property and they are in the process of adding information tabs for links to schools and other community links.
Kevin and I have been following the emerging use of full-screen Flash over the last 18 months and been excited by the fact that viewers of 360 tours now have the ability to see full screen tours with a technology that is on the majority of machines. Kevin and Matt have designed a tour interface around the latest Pano2VR Flash player by Garden Gnome Software. I really like their interface design that integrates 360, full screen 360, stills and Ken Burns style slide show. It gives you an integration of all of the latest tour styles in one clean interface.

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5 Responses to “ – A Newly Launched Virtual Tour Provider”

  • Check out the quality on the kitchen pano:

    Absolutely unprofessional.

  • Wow! That kitchen one is not too great color wise… Also, I find that allowing the view of the blank space at the top and bottom of the images is not very appealing. One thing I see as well, that I sem to have an issue with myself is the slight “rippling” in the lines at different angles, and I wonder if anyone has ideas on how to resolve this?

    – Jeremy.

  • Jeremy,

    You’re right, the color on some of those tours is way off. We’ve drastically improved on our technique since then as that tour was really done for more of a test than anything. We will be replacing the featured tours with better, newer examples this week.

    The space at the top is caused by a slightly too large crop on the fisheye images and we have since resolved this. The black at the bottom is really just to cover up the tripod. The only solution would be to blend in a picture of the nadir in the tour, which requires dismouting the camera from the tripod every time. We are now experimenting and plan to use (when possible) a hand held device for our future tours witch should eliminate the black at the top and bottom and the need for a tripod.

    The rippling annoys me too, and is an inherent byproduct of flash tours. Upping the output quality fixes this to a certain extent but the file sizes become cumbersome.

    Herbert, the color quality in the tour is about equal to the tact in your post, but we really appreciate your extremely constructive criticism.

  • I thought I was pretty much the only one plagued with the rippling effect, as all of my tours do it. The original images are fine, but you’re right, if I publish using Flash, I get that problem. The product that I use for tours is Tourweaver 3.0, and it gives the option of Flash or Java tours, and I think I’ll test posting with Javea and check the results.

    Other than that, I really like the professional look and feel of your site! Mine is still pretty basic, but I’m just starting out as well on a small scale.

    Anyhow, great job, and best wishes for a lot of success!

    – Jeremy.

  • […] is a full service tour company in Bellevue, WA that launched at the end of 2007. I did a post on when they launched. eSiteTours specializes in HDR images for both their 360s and their still […]

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