Free Replacement Skies For Real Estate Photographers

November 18th, 2007

It’s time to do another post on replacement skies. I put it up a page of free skies to use back in March of last year. However, the link is so buried in a long list of links on the right hand side-bar of the blog and I doubt if many people notice it. There’s been a discussion going on in the PFRE flickr discussion about how it would be nice to have a community collection of skies that anyone could use when the need a fresh sky so I volunteered to act as a sky librarian and add any sky donations that anyone has to my already existing collection at: I just got three new skies from Marcus in the UK and added them to the page. If anyone has any skies they’d like to contribute to the sky collection just e-mail the skies or a link to the files to and I’ll add them to the page. Whatever size you have is fine my web server has plenty of space.Be sure do download the sky to check it’s aspect ratio because currently page distorts many of the skies because it all skies to a 200×100 table cell for display purposes. I’ll have to think of a better design to use to display the skies.

Update on 11/23/07:  Need help in using these replacement skies? Have a look at:   Photoshop Tutorials by

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4 Responses to “Free Replacement Skies For Real Estate Photographers”

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  • Thanks for offering this…as of lately our skies have been mostly gray. I will surely reciprocate once we have some decent clouds.

  • hi:

    do you know where can i find a good turtorial for replacing a sky in photoshop? i know tis is not a very difficult task to do in ps. the trick part may be on how to blend the sky to match the color with the overall picture.


  • Hi Asiavr,
    A good book for insructions on replacing the sky is “The Photoshop CS Book for digital photographers” by Scott Kelby – Page 254. Great book all around.

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