FCC’s Data Shows Broadband Connections in US Surged by 61%

November 2nd, 2007

According to an article by Nate Anderson over at “Despite worries that US broadband speed and availability lag behind that found in other developed countries, broadband growth here continues to surge. Could the options be better? Sure, but with the Federal Communications Commission trumpeting a 61 percent growth rate in 2006, broadband is quickly becoming as ubiquitous as traditional utilities.”

What does this have to do with real estate photography? Broadband accessibility is an underlying technology trend that is enabling the home buyers to carry out their home searches online and in turn increasing the demand for real estate photography. As more people have broadband access home buyers expect to be able to sit at home and search for a home online.

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3 Responses to “FCC’s Data Shows Broadband Connections in US Surged by 61%”

  • Wayyyy back in “the day”… virtual tours were created but the main problem was broadband was virtually non-existent in consumers homes so virtual tours took many years to become popular. This is good news indeed. Now they’ll spin faster and make more people dizzy… actually I make a living on creating virtual tours – not for real estate because that market isn’t worth my while for the most part.

    For some reason I see terrible virtual tours being used by agents because they “got a good price”. Oh well – you often get what you pay for…

    I think when virtual tours load quickly consumers and “would be home buyers” really like them. They are a great addition to viewing still images.



  • I believe videos will be overtaking virtual tours in the near future with the rise in broadband. I’ve tried shooting some video myself with a $500 video camera and the picture quality was so awful that I returned it. You get used to seeing photographs that are sharp and the mediocre video just does not make the cut. Perhaps I should have paid a grand and got the hdtv version but I’ve given up on the video for now until the price drops on the hdtv camcorder. From all this I did find out that the IMOVIE that came with my Mac makes it super easy to edit video. Just gotta get better quality. Lighting also seems to be more important with video than with photographs so video of interiors will be a challenge without just tons of lighting equipment.

  • @Sworlando,
    Yes, I know there are a bunch of people out there that believe videos are the next big thing… although I’m not one of them. I’m still waiting to see a video tour that shows a home as well as this:

    I love video for people… like the first video in this post:

    but I’m standing by to be amazed by a video I like that shows the inside of a home.

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