Photographing VR Panoramas – Talk by Scott Highton

October 27th, 2007

Scott Highton, VR pioneer, gave a talk recently on photographing panoramas. If you are at all interested in VR photography this video gives a nice introduction to the subject. Scott worked at Apple whey QuickTime VR was first introduced. In this video Scott discusses the technical aspects of shooting and stitching cylindrical and spherical/cubic panoramas.

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2 Responses to “Photographing VR Panoramas – Talk by Scott Highton”

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  • Scott’s a great guy and full of knowledge about virtual tours! I am glad you found him. He didn’t work at Apple but he was one of the first to shoot a virtual tour for Apple when we were starting this technology way back in 1992 I think it was! My how time flies!

    At that time we had no idea what to do with virtual tours. There was no Web to speak of. So Microsoft used our technology on their Encarta and Bookshelf CDs. That was the main market for virtual tours. Finally, I think as of about 2004 or so there has been a huge increase in demand for them in the hospitality industry as well as real estate. If done right they can be very impact-full. If not done right they can really annoy people!

    Anyway, I am rambling now… Sorry! 😉


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