Six Real Estate Photo Tips to Draw Buyers

October 25th, 2007

Cherie Irwin pointed out an article on MSN real estate by Dana Mattioli of the The tips are not new to readers of this blog but I like the quotes from buyers that these kind of articles. Also the catch phrases that reporters come up with are interesting. “pix appeal” and “online appeal” are notable in these articles.

Another related article on How to make your home stand out is also on MSN real estate. Now days sellers and Realtors are all thinking about how to make a home stand out from the competition since there are so many more homes on the market than in past years. In Washington state there are 33% more listings than there were a year ago.

Bill Bayless (reader of this blog) is quoted several times in this article. These 6 photo tips may in fact be Bill’s.

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