Professional Photographers Prefer Lightroom Over Aperture

October 19th, 2007

John Nack reports that a recent study done by InfoTrends shows that group of 1026 Professional Photographers in North America were asked which software they use for RAW processing. They reported:

  •  65.5% were using Photoshop Camera Raw Plug-in
  • 23.6% were using Lightroom
  • 5.5% were using Aperture

Even among Mac based pros Lightroom is almost 2 to 1 over Aperture.

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3 Responses to “Professional Photographers Prefer Lightroom Over Aperture”

  • I was using Adobe Camera Raw as RAW images were being dragged into Photochop for PP.
    Often, it was difficult to maintain colour balance between multiple images of the same scene.

    Enter Lightroom.
    I have been using this exclusively as the front end, and it’s wonderful.
    In additon to tweaking WB, exposure, upping the vibrance, sat, etc, it’s so easy to compare shots, rate shots, and choose the keepers.

    I have this system where I assign a star value:
    5 Stars: 4:3 that can be exported as a JPG directly with no further PP
    4 Stars: 3:2 from dSLR, or 4:3 image that requires Photoshop tweaks
    3 Stars: Part of a pano sequence, export as TIF for PTGUI
    2 Stars: Review and see if there is anything better

    Being able to sort images depending on star rating (or you can use colour ratings as well) really helps with the workflow.

    It was a dog to learn, but well worth the effort.
    5 Stars to Lightroom! 🙂

  • I tried Aperture, and LR, and even though I’m a huge Apple fan, LR just seems to handle the load better for me.

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