Flash Panorama v2.2 Player Looks as Good as QuickTimeVR

October 16th, 2007

Last week Denis Chumakov over at released an update (v2.2) to his Flash panorama player. I think this version of Denis’s player is very significant break through in panorama display technology. QuickTimeVR has always been the standard of quality for panorama players. Quality in panorama players is means how smooth the image moves as you pan around the image particularly when the image is being displayed full screen. As a reference point here is an QuickTimeVR image I took several years ago when my grandson Morgan and I were standing under the wing of the Spruce Goose next to a SR71 Blackbird. If you maximize this window on computers that are not too many years old and drag the cursor across the screen to pan the image it moves pretty smooth. Slower less powerful machines will cause the panning to be a little jerky. This image is a 1.1MB .MOV file (QuickTimeVR) this is why it may not load instantly.

One of the significant things about Denis’s new version is it reads the QuickTimeVR (.MOV) files. This means I can display any of the QTVR files in Flash. As and example, here is the very same image as above displayed with Denis’s Flash player. To display this Flash image full screen, right click on the image and choose “Go Full Screen” and then press “esc”. This Flash panorama viewer does require Flash 9 to be installed… It will tell you if you have a older version of Flash. Flash 9 was released by Adobe sometime in late 2006 and at the time of this post Flash 9 has 93.3% penetration.

When I look at the same image displayed by these two different viewers I can’t tell any difference in quality. To me this is the biggest break through! You now get the same quality with Flash 9 (with 93.3% penetration) as you get with QuickTimeVR (67.7%penetration).

The brilliant thing about Denis’s strategy of reading QTVR files is panographers can keep using all the same stitching tools they’ve been using for years to create QTVR.

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4 Responses to “Flash Panorama v2.2 Player Looks as Good as QuickTimeVR”

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  • Anyone have any opinions on Pure Player for Flash by Immervision vs. Flash Panorama v2.2? Looking for the best solution to replace Quicktime as penetration isn’t good enough.

  • Jeff,
    I’ve tried both here is an Immervision one:

    I think the quality is very close although it is very difficult to compare accurately unless the two different players have exactly the same input file.

    Immervision had the nice little navigation bar at the bottom. Immervision is more complex to setup.

    A major factor is which stitcher you use and what file format it puts out.

    Immervision images are encoded so they are more difficult to steal if thats an issue.

    I’ve haven’t decided yet which I’m going to use for my tours.

    I’m leaning towards Immervision just because of the nav bar at the bottom.. it may be easier for users to find their way back from fullscreen to the tour page.

  • Mmm… that’s IF you can get your head around Denis’confusing ‘tutorials’. I’m a newcomer to FPP & despite shelling out for his software, am yet to produce my first tour. No real help from him either..

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