HiView-25: A Pole Aerial Photography System To Be Marketed In US

October 10th, 2007

Steve Pickett tells me that the HiView-25 Pole Aerial Photography System will soon be marketed in the US. The HiView-25 is manufactured in the UK by Focalpoint and is a lightweight (under 10kg) pole photography system that extends 7.6m above the ground and folds down to 2m length. It’s meant to be a hand-held system. The still photo version uses a Canon A640 on the pole with a remote viewer. This system sells in the UK for 1,795GBP+Vat. That’s about $3665USD. Steve says the US marketing materials are not complete yet.

This system may be of interest to RE photographers that want a PAP system but don’t feel up to doing their own integration of camera, pole and remote viewer.

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10 Responses to “HiView-25: A Pole Aerial Photography System To Be Marketed In US”

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  • Price is kind of steep…

  • I’ve seen systems that cost more, but I think making your own will still probably be the best way to go…

  • this is the constructor:

    I would be interested as a build-it yourself mast alone.

  • And they answered me:

    “We sell the mast with the rotating footplate and Manfrotto adjustable head for £699 + VAT or just the mast alone for £550 + VAT.”

  • How about this: An aluminum painters pole with an extention can reach 30 feet and costs about 100 bucks. Retrofit a small ball head on it ($20.00) Then; Stick a Ricoh G6 ($300.00)on top and set the interval timer to shoot one frame every couple of seconds…

  • I love your version. Go ahead, !

  • Darrin,
    Absolutely; building your own is a great alternative. I’ve done some posts on that alternative- see:

    It’s just that doing it yourself is not for everyone… some folks would rather purchase an integrated package.

  • Worth look at the agnos pole, mrotator h?, which is handheld for about 6m for arount 500 us dollars. No motorized head or anything though. To be honest for this price I’d expect more like a clark mast thing.

  • Hi guys, if your your thinkin about the price then it all comes down to what you will be getting out of it? it may pay for itself.

    I have just purchased this product due to come on tuesday and no doubt ill leave my views on here. we payed alot more than this for the orig 50ft mast we got..

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