Photography For Real Estate – My E-book Close to Release

October 5th, 2007

Since before I started doing this blog two years ago I’ve been writing a book on real estate photography. The E-book has the same name as the blog: Photography For Real Estate. I am finally finished with it and I’ll be turning on the book order page this next Sunday 10/7. I’ve promised this book to so many people it is embarrassing that it has taken me so long to finish.

My goal has been to do is to distill the essential concepts from this blog into book form. I think this E-book will be a good resource for people getting started in real estate photography or perhaps those that have been the business for a short time. It turned out that doing this blog has been very helpful in refining the book content and understanding the scope and diversity of what people are doing in real estate photography. I’ve put a the Table of Contents and introduction here for potential buyers to review.

Since the potential readers for this book are all over the world just like the readers of this blog I’ve decided to make the book and E-book, that is downloadable in PDF form (5.3 MB). Also, since a large percentage of the potential readers of the book are likely to find this blog I’ve decided to for now only sell it on this blog. Perhaps I’ll sell it through Amazon and other outlets later on.

I’d be interested in feedback on how readers feel about E-books and if you feel this is a convenient way to purchase and read books. I have thought about making a laser printed Unibound (transparent front and back cover with hardbound spine) version available but since I cannot create these in any volume I’ve decided to not do this now unless I get a significant number of requests for it. Since none of the reviewers that have seen the book have complained about the E-Book form I’m assuming it works for most people.

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13 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate – My E-book Close to Release”

  • […] Larry Lohrman has the table of contents and first chapter available free for his soon to be released eBook. Well worth looking it over. Larry does great work and is able to bridge the gap between professional photographer and what you can do yourself – without making you feel like a dofus. Photography For Real Estate – My E-book Close to Release […]

  • I looked it over and it looks very thorough. Good job Larry! My only concern is it may reduce some of the jobs we get because Larry will turn agents into pro photographers! ; ) Just kidding. There is room for all of us and if an agent wants to do his/her own work that is fine. Some of the agents I work with shoot their own photos. I can read all I want to about plumbing but only practice will make me become a good plumber…


  • This is gonna be bigger than you think. You could get good distribution and double your sales through an affiliate program site like ClickBank.

  • I think it will be a success, given the qualities of Larry’s insights and the demand for such a book.

  • How do I get an Autographed First Edition of an e-book?

  • Congratulations on your book! I’m sure it will be helpful to many of the new photographers who visit your site.

  • Actualy, the more RE agents turned into pro photographers the better! The bar will be raised, and other agents who lack the skills or time to do this will then be more willing to look to the services of a professional.

    As in the words of the Guiness beer commercial – Brilliant!

    Thanks Larry, I’ll looking to ordering a copy. E-Books are fine. people have printers. We can always print it out ourselves if we want it on paper.

  • BTW – how much will it be and can we pre-order?

  • It is a great looking book. I like ebooks because they are easy to carry around with me on my laptop and I can read when I can. I am a real estate agent and have been selling residential for over 24 years. I just started a real estate photography business in July marketing to all my real estate friends in the business. I think this is a very good idea to educate agents about the importance of professional photos for their listings. Hopefully, in the near future, professional photography for real estate will be a given just like home inspections, staging and home warranties.

  • Fantastic!! Congratulations!

  • Larry your blog has been like a Bible to me while I have been building my RE Photography/Virtual Tour business. I can’t wait to order the book as well! Thanks for the effort!

    919 Studios

  • What an excellant idea…looking forward to it. And I don’t think any REALTORS armed with this information will be putting any Pro Photographers out of business anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

    Just like FSBOs…we’ll get frustrated sooner or later.

  • OK, it’s 10/7. Lets have it. I am excited to get reading, as I am avid real estate photographer and want to improve my skills.

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