How to Brand Monoslideshow or Other Lightroom Galleries

September 19th, 2007

Cherie Irwin raised an important issue with my last post on creating Monoslideshows with Lightroom. That is, in the real estate context you’d really like to brand the slide-show either with your own contact information if you are a Realtor or your client’s logo and contact information if you are a real estate photographer building slide-shows for clients.

After thinking about it a bit and branding my example tour. I’ve come to the conclusion that the most straight forward way to add the branding information is after Lightroom generates the HTML and FTPs it to your site. To add the branding on my example I just used Dreamweaver to opened the index.html file in the directory that Lightroom generated and added some text and a link. If you always use the same size and spacing for the gallery that Lightroom generates and that spacing is designed for branding info to be added it should work pretty smoothly. You don’t necessarily need to use Dreamweaver. You could also use FTP and a text editor. I just added a line of text with a link but you could add broker logos, Realtor portraits and get as fancy as you want. This all works like this because only the slide-show is Flash and the Flash slide-show is encapsulated in HTML so you can add anything you want to the HTML and it will show above or below or along side the slide-show.

The problem with adding to the branding to the gallery template in Lightroom is that the branding will be the same for all galleries you generate which is OK if that’s what you want but I like to add the property address or something unique to each slide-show. If you are doing this for clients each slide-show will likely be unique.

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