The Hargis Portable Wall by Malcolm Waring

September 10th, 2007

It turns out that there IS wireless internet access here at the Skamokawa kayaking center here on the lower Columbia river! So I’m not off the “grid”.

Consequently, I was looking through the PFRE flicker discussions and noticed this one that is particularly interesting on some work that Malcolm Waring is doing. This looks like an important lighting tool so I thought that I’d highlight it.

The background on this concept is, if you’ve read these discussions before you will have seen Scott Hargis and others talk about bouncing strobes off of walls to turn the small light of a strobe into a BIG light source (big light sources are softer). Yet frequently you run into situations that don’t have a nice white large walls to bounce your strobe off of. So… here’s a great idea for a portable wall you can take with you.

I expect you’ll see more developments on this as readers experiment with this concept. Thanks Malcolm for getting this idea started.

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11 Responses to “The Hargis Portable Wall by Malcolm Waring”

  • Hummmm……..

  • An umbrella would work just as well.

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  • An umbrella wouldn’t work just as well because it is too large. The idea is to essentially carry around a “portable wall” that can be placed in a tight corner. You can’t do that with an umbrella.

    However, I think a foldable 5-in-1 reflector is easier to transport and more durable than a piece of foamboard. You can even just lightly tape it to the offending wall with gaffers tape and eliminate the need for a clamp (unless the owner is watching of course πŸ˜‰

  • How about a portable projector screen? They typically come with their own tripod, they roll up into a small tube for carrying…seems like it would be an ideal solution. Do a Google Image search for “portable projector screen” and you’ll see what I’m referring to.

  • If you have a corner… no need for the wall, right? umbrella will do it… or a collapsible reflector. I wouldent carry panels like that with me.

    Interesting idea anyway…

  • I have a third prototype which can be seen at the bottom of the flickr thread and I am going to look for parts for a forth, and hopefully last model today with different material.

    The newest one folds up to a quarter of the size and I can fit three in another soft bag that I have. It does not have the bag clip, is much more rigid, and assembles really fast.

    Remember this was designed specifically for RE shots and not only are the umbrellas too big but they just don’t work as well (see the thread for comparison shots).

    I looked at the folding reflectors but I couldn’t figure out how to hold them up without attaching at the top.

    The portable projection screen is a great idea but I fear it may be too expensive and heavy.

    The whole reason I did this is because walls work so well. I will only use it if the wall is missing or too dark.

    Thanks for looking.

  • I submitted another response to this, but it apparently disappeared. It involved a heavy-duty roll-up window blind that you can buy pretty much anywhere (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc). Would work much like a portable projector screen, but they only cost about $10-$15.

  • This is wonderful!!!

  • Malcolm, Looks like you came up with a great idea – thanks for sharing (this comment is five years late!).

  • @Dave – It’s never too late to celebrate a good idea!

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