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September 5th, 2007

Adriana Barton wrote a recent article for the Globe and Mail (Canadian national newspaper) on real estate photography. I knew this article was in the works because Adriana asked my permission to quote from this blog. Although I didn’t know when it was going to be published… Reader Drew King noticed the article and pointed it out to me this morning. This article is the third article (NYTimes, LATimes) I’ve seen this year done by major newspapers that recommends that Realtors hire a professional for marketing photography. These articles all point to the fact that real estate marketing is getting more visibility at least from print media journalists.

An important aspect of this article is seen in the comments. I find the comments revel a naive point of view on the subject of wide-angle lens and Photoshop and making home interiors attractive. I would have dismissed the point of view expressed in the comments on the Globe and Mail article if it weren’t for the fact that M. James Northen pointed out the very same kinds of points of view on a re-posting of the NYTimes article on Be sure to read through these two sets of comments. As M. James pointed out, “There are a few people out there that are so ignorant that they think RE Photography could be construed as Bait and Switch. That the original pictures in this post are better than the pro-shots. That wide angle lenses set off their BS alarms.”

I think that the public is generally not very aware or sophisticated when it comes to images they see day in and day out on TV, movies and print media. They think that the cover girls they see on magazine covers at the grocery store check-out stands come straight out of the camera and on to the cover. And they never think about how far from reality many of the TV ad images are. Real estate marketing is generally the least manipulated of media images. This lack of visual sophistication is, I think, the same thing that lead Realtors to not recognize the difference between a good and bad marketing images. Most Realtors and the general public just need to be visually educated.

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8 Responses to “For The Real Money Shot Hire a Pro”

  • Great post Larry. I’d discovered 2 of the 3 newspaper posts, but not the third. It’s certainly becoming more and more of a public awareness.

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  • I read that article and thought of this blog. Very interesting stuff. Just a correction though, The Globe and Mail is based out of Toronto and is Canada’s national paper, not Vancouver’s alone.:)

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  • And still, shooting a $17.5M house, I can see converging verticals on one of the exterior shots.

    Makes me feel better.

  • Jeff,
    Thanks for the link. I think you are too easy on him on the subject of converging verticals. The external shot converging verticals is bad enough but I see converging verticals on 5 of the interior shots.

    This demonstrates that just because you author a “glossy” book of aerial photos doesn’t make you an interior photographer.

  • The author of the aerial photo book isn’t the one who took the 17.5 mil interior photos. The interior shots were taken by a photographer that specializes in people, kids and pets. Not only are there converging verticals, but the horizons are off as well.
    Personally, I feel if you are going to “specialize” in something…stick with that, and that alone. Leave the specialized work to the people that actually DO specialize in it.

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