A Before and After Staging Story

September 3rd, 2007

John Grow over at sent me a link to some before and after staging photos from a before and after staging shoot that he did. Click on the photo above to see the whole series of before and after photos.

We always hire a stager when faced with listing a vacant home because we’re convinced that it’s worth the staging cost. But this story is the PROOF you need to convince a skeptical Realtor/Seller that staging pays. John says:

This is a 1.2 million dollar home situated on a golf course. The owners declined to have the property staged feeling that the allure of the golf club would sell the home. After one month with no offers they relented and agreed to have the home staged. This is a local stager that I have worked with before. A note: staging fee for LR, DR, KIT, FR, BN, MBR and bath, and one BR, $4000 for the first month, $400 per week there after. Two weeks after staging there are already 2 offers on the table.

Empty homes just don’t market well. Without furniture rooms loose their scale in photos and buyers find it difficult to relate to rooms that are empty.

Thanks John for the story and examples.

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7 Responses to “A Before and After Staging Story”

  • I would love to see some current (2007) stats on the effects of staging. I haven’t found that online. I strongly belive in the value of staging or at minimum, restyling…I have a link on my site to a stager I value… I made her website and we are deliberately putting up “before” and “after” shots. Some stats would be so helpful.

  • I too wish there are more staging stats out there, but they are hard to gather. Staging is a great investment during the sale process, the potential equity increase of just merely the fact that it will take less days to sell, is already a great news in itself.


  • Staging here in the south has yet to widely catch on. I would also love to see some recent stats to offer clients and realtors.


  • I can vouch for staging as well. It has yet to catch on here in the northeast as well. However, my wife and I staged a $799,900 waterfront property a couple weeks ago that did very well. This property has grandfathered stone piers on Maine’s most popular lake. After being listed twice with a different agency, the homeowner pulled the listing and decided to relist it with another broker who decided to use our services. We staged only the piers, held an open house and they received an offer the next day.

  • The ASP site has some pretty good and “hard” statistics. Try HERE.

  • Thanks Aaron for the link to the ASP site. Good info I will be sure to pass it on.

  • Vacant listings are VERY difficult to sell, unless they are flawless, and even then they are hard to sell. I know from repeated personal experience that staging a vacant house definitely pays.

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