Adobe Offers Elements Users an Upgrade to CS3 for $299

August 27th, 2007

Cherie Irwin just pointed out that Adobe is offering to upgrade Elements to Photoshop CS3 for only $299 This is a savings of $350! If you are an Elements user and you were dreaming of CS3 better take advantage of this!

Notice that in the lower right corner of the e-mail that Cherie got is says to use Promotion code C5B775F3 and the promotion only lasts through 9/16/07.

Thanks Cherie.

8/28 Update: Apparently the promotion code above works only once. If you are a Elements user that wants to do this upgrade you’ll probably have to call Adobe customer service to get your own unique Promotion code.

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10 Responses to “Adobe Offers Elements Users an Upgrade to CS3 for $299”

  • Ok I have to ask. I got PaintShopPro XI from Target for like $60. Is Photoshop really that much better?

  • Athol Kay —


    If you’re going to be a photographer, you have to have Photoshop. Period. Maybe, maybe in the next year or so we can use Adobe Lightroom, but for now you can’t do it without at least PS 7.

    Cherie —
    Thanks for the heads up! Just upgraded.

  • No problem, Scott. I continually learn something from reading this blog and checking out the Flickr discussions, so I’m happy to contribute something of value.

  • […] indeed Photoshop is like the Vikings pillaging your wallet. Larry Lohrman reported today that Adobe is offering Photoshop upgrades for the princely sum of […]

  • I tried the upgrade but it said the promotion code was already used.

  • rebates on DxO:
    20% with the code EISADXO,6KnYzzhJw
    till 9 sept.

    sticher360° bundles:
    till 17 sept.

  • If you have an account with Adobe, as a registered Photoshop Elements user, you should contact Adobe to get your own promotion code. I did not realize that it was a “one use only” code, as it does not say that anywhere in the message that was sent to me. I would assume that the promotion is open to everyone. Again, I would suggest that you contact Adobe directly to obtain your own code.

  • Thanks Cherie. I called Adobe and CS3 is in the mail for $299. Woohoo!

  • So what number do you call? I did everything I could on Adobe’s websit and still came up with $549 upgrade from Adobe Elements to CS3.

  • I just called the 800 number on the adobe store website and explained that a friend of mine is getting the $299 deal and they gave me the deal.

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