vFlyer Now Allows You to Turn vFlyers Into a Property Site

August 18th, 2007

Wow everyone is getting into the property site act! Introduces Domain Plus – Search for, Purchase and Host Domains and Build Single Property Websites. Domain Plus is a new service from vFlyer that enables subscribers to quickly find, purchase and host Single Property Websites directly from vFlyer. With Domain Plus, subscribers can purchase and attach any number of available domain names to their flyers (micro-site) or galleries!

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2 Responses to “vFlyer Now Allows You to Turn vFlyers Into a Property Site”

  • You forgot the V in the link.

  • Shaun,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I’m blogging on the run this weekend- traveling, going to weddings and finding internet access where ever I can.

    I’m off to shot a friends wedding (outside in the rain). The weather here in Seattle this weekend is not very nice for outide weddings.

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