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August 11th, 2007

On my morning bike ride this morning I passed a real estate sign that had a URL of a property site ( so when I got home I checked it out to have a look at who in the neighborhood is building property sites. Much to my surprise it was done by a Realtor.It was done by a local Realtor himself using a site called This is a pretty inexpensive way for a Realtor to put up their own property site or for even less technically oriented Realtors (there are plenty Realtors that choose not to do this themselves) a real estate photographer could add this service into their photo shoot. I like this better than many virtual tours. It cost $50 for a single property site for a year with the price decreasing down to $35 per site if you build 25 property sites. I think it is important for people out there doing property sites and standard virtual tours to know what the competition is.

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5 Responses to “ – a Turnkey Way to Build Property Sites”

  • Thanks Larry – this is another item that I can use.

    M. James

  • This looks pretty good. I’m checking into it now.

  • So Realtors shoot the props themselves AND build their own dedicated sites? Doesn’t this work against (and low-ball) we creative photographers and web designers?

    Well here’s the upside – what this product DOES do is identify all the cheap-skate Realtors that choose to use it whom I can avoid dealing with in my area – ha! A time saver indeed.

    It’s hard enough trying to get Realtors to use professional photography AND then get them to pay for a decent dedicated property website (and pay us a reasonable rate, ahem..) and now this.

    It is most definitely not art.

  • Mikon,
    This was bound to happen sooner or later… making a several page tour with it’s own domain is not rocket science.

    The crux of the real estate photographer’s job is to SELL Realtors on the concept that their service is worth the extra expense. There are a huge number of Realtors that will never spend money on photography but there are also a significant number that understand that photography is important and makes their listings stand out and sell. You just have to find the later group.

  • Mikon-
    I have no problem even charging Realtors $80 for the Agency Logic power sites. What i do is include a half hour of support as well as create the site for them. I also will add any open houses or price reduction changes for them till it sells or expires. For me it takes 20 minutes to create, a Realtor on the other hand will take 3 hours to do the same work. I sell them on the fact that they should be focusing on the next listing presentation an not on creating websites and taking photos. Leave that to people who know how to do it fast and effectively.

    Realtors are scared and anxious about internet marketing – plain and simple. You need to be there to calm those fears and that anxiety down.

    Chad Jones

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