A Comparison Between PTlens and Photoshop CS2 Lens Filter

August 6th, 2007

I’m back from a relaxing several day break at the Oregon beach (with very little Internet access).

While I was gone I heard from Drew King who pointed out an interesting article by Alson van der Meulen that compares PTlens to the lens distortion filter in Photoshop CS2 (not sure if this is the same one that is in CS3). This article relates to the post I did last week on alternatives for lens distortion correction. The bottom line is that Alson finds that PTlens is as good or better than the lens distortion filter in PS CS2 and easier to use because PTlens uses the EXIF data to recognize what lens was used to shoot the image and apply the appropriate correction where as PS CS2 is a trial and error visual correction.

Thanks Drew.

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