Alternatives for Professional Looking Delivery of Photos to Clients

August 1st, 2007

Recently I was talking to reader Jeff Cospolich about ways to setup an online delivery method for his real estate photography clients. As usual I was promoting my do-it-yourself method of getting space at a web hosting company and using website maintenance application like Dreamweaver or Lightroom to create galleries and e-mailing links to each client’s gallery to them.

Jeff pointed out that there are easier ways these days if you don’t want to get up-close and personal with HTML and FTP. There are at least a couple of websites that are aimed at providing photographers gallery space and a mechanism for delivering photos to clients.

One is This site allows you to upload galleries of photos and then e-mail links to the galleries to clients. The first 50MB are free and more storage space is charged. Functionally this does the job but it doesn’t allow you to have your own domain name and make the whole thing look professional. I just created a free account ant uploaded some photos to and e-mailed myself a link to the gallery and after 30 minutes I still haven’t gotten the e-mailed link. Hmm… probably a temporary problem. on the other hand allows you to create a template website that is gallery oriented and is setup so you don’t have to have website maintenance applications. This hosting service has most of the standard web hosting services: 3 e-mail accounts, free domain name, 6 named sections, download section, use their templates or create you own all for $17/month.I think the significant thing about this service and others like it is that it allows you to create a professional looking web presence and a minimum expense. Having a gallery of your work online that looks professional is essential for building a business these days. It’s much easier than it used to be.

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12 Responses to “Alternatives for Professional Looking Delivery of Photos to Clients”

  • You can also use Lightroom or Aperture to do this and not mess with HTML. Both programs are awesome!


  • I guess I never quite understood this whole concept. To me it makes more since too create or have some one create for you a website that you can use as marketing tool then use that space to upload your PS, Aperture, or LR galleries. to that space. This way your building traffic to your site and raising the standings on the search engines. I don’t doubt that some people might find it useful but I am definitely not one of those.

  • HTML isn’t required with! I use their service, and I LOVE IT! I designed all the framework for my site, and you can build the page content using their backend that works much like MS Word. Take a look at my site. You can see how the proofing controls work by clicking on the “Client Downloads” button in the Top Navigation Menu. You can use the password “caddyshacktour” to see how my clients retrieve their images. This saves me loads of time driving all over town to deliver photos on CD or sending huge e-mail files. I also have a page that allows me to upload Zip Files so that my clients can retrieve all of their photos in one file, rather than saving each one individually. This Zip File Function is also beneficial when I have to send files from InDesign or other files that aren’t jpegs or PDF files.

    Take a look at my site,, and see if you still are opposed to the idea. Their site has proved to invaluable for my the growth of my business. I get upwards of 800 unique visitors to my site every month and frequently get comments on how great the design and functions are.

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  • I use – …….. It’s simple and strong enough presentation of my services and work. I know DW and most of the hip coding …. and dun wan to be in that arena.

  • I use a free open source solution called 4images, I have customized it. I can FTP my files and agents can log in with thier pass word and download all their photos as a zip or indvidually, they can request changes and also make comments. I have tied this in with an online job booking system called hit appointment. This allows agents to beale to see our schedual and work around it. basiclly they book a job, its status is pending until I confirm it.

  • What advantage(s) does BigBlackBag offer that can’t be had by using an account with Flickr? For example, I’m thinking of embedding Flickr views of my work onto pages of my website (that way they never have to leave it). Flickr makes it easy to upload and manage photos with tags, sets, etc. You can even control who can and can’t see them.

    Cheri Irwin: I too like your website. I’d like to know more about your use of Can you direct me to one of your tours shown on a listing at Thanks.

  • yes Larry there are many many options. I am using for now just because it is lightning fast with little to no setup. Of course, my clients don’t get to see my professional domain, which is not ideal. But I am having a developer friend concoct something for me. I used a couple of free trials with BigBlackBag, but became a little frustrated that I could not delete the Client proof/comments section where I just wanted to have download ability. Surely Cheri gets around that soemhow, or maybe she needs the proof/comment section in her line of work. I just need realtors and RE office managers to have the ability to download uncompressed, high-res .jpg or .psd files, usu anywhere 2-5MB in size.

  • and one of my clients also had trouble getting the link from Pixoasis. sure enough, it went into his Junk/Spam folder in Outlook. So he whitelisted me and the domain, and we’ve been working troublefree and efficiently for 2 weeks now. Pixoasis also allows the client to download individually or all-at-once via a .zip file. It is a very simple & streamlined interface, but certainly isn’t as customizable as I’d like.

  • >>Jeff Cospolich Says:>>
    >>August 10th, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    >>I just need realtors and RE office managers to have the >>ability to download uncompressed, high-res .jpg or .psd >>files, usu anywhere 2-5MB in size.

    Why is that? I have been post processing photos to a landscape width of 11 in. at 300 dpi and sending these off to clients in lieu of the big files. It has been over 2 months, and noone has complained or looked for better resolution. Only 10% of the agents use the high res photos on full page glossy production brochures and they have not complained. I ran my own brochure through an online printer with this resolution, which rarely exceeds 800k, and have had very good print results. I am not sure a final production photo needs to be so big.

  • Thanks John for pointing out. Truth is that I don’t know enough about the printing process, and I wanted to err on the conservative side. I just told PS I wanted 8.5×11 print quality (300dpi), and then I save the JPG uncompressed and it still seems to be a huge (2-5MB) file. Any suggestions?

  • For anyone visiting this page years later, is another option for hosting your portfolio and handling client galleries.

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