Great Client Closing Gift Idea From Susanne Hayek

July 26th, 2007

Susanne Hayek sent me a great suggestion for a product to market to your Realtor clients as closing gifts. Susanne says she uses to make beautifully printed coffee table style books. These books also work nicely as an elegant way to present your portfolio of images. Another similar site that a portrait photographer friend of Susanne’s uses and likes is

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8 Responses to “Great Client Closing Gift Idea From Susanne Hayek”

  • Susanne, do you sell these to your Realtor clients? If so, you are already paying around $40 for the book, including shipping. How much do you charge your clients for these books? And how much time does it generally take you to lay out a full book? Do you just have ship the book directly to your client, or do you deliver them? Just cursious because it is a great idea for a Realtor to give something like this as a closing gift, but I wonder how profitable it can be for a photographer…

  • Take a look at Blurb.

    I have not used them, but I plan to in the future. They have a great tutorial pdf as well as a software download for laying out the books. For PC and my new Macbook!

  • Hi Cherie…What I do is charge the Realtor the cost of the book plus my time laying it out. I charge $50/hour for computer time and an average book is an hour. It’s not a huge money maker but it’s also not a lot of my time and my clients really like it. I always have some verbiage like “Compliments of Sally Realtor” and their company name and contact information on the last page, and of course my byline. I don’t mark up the book because they can go online and see the real prices. I have the book delivered straight to the Realtor. I look at it more as a value added/loyalty builder than a big money maker.
    Ian…thanks for the additional info…I plan to look at it.

  • I don’t know how prices compare but – or are other book sites. I have thought about this for sometime also. I have had agents give large framed prints of beach views from their homes as closing gifts …… not too much money in it for me – but keeps you tight with the agent. I used to consider it marketing.

  • Well, I was just thinking that it may be a way for my assistant to make some extra money. Technically, my assistant is my younger sister. She is in college, and she builds all of my tours for me. I pay her $10 per tour, and they take her about a half hour to build and upload to my host server. She’s still in college, so the situation is perfect for her because she can work from home and it doesn’t interfere w/ schoo.. She will also soon be a new mom, and her husband would prefer that she stay home with the baby for the first few years. So, I’m trying to find a way to help her make some extra cash without ever having to leave the house. This would work well for her, and as you said it would be an added value to my clients.

  • I’ve used these for portfolios since the first of the year and I create them for various artists that I shoot art work for but I’ve never thought to offer them as something that a Realtor could give a client. I also use apple books which offer a less expensive paperback version. I’ve taken to designing the pages in Illustrator and just up ploading full page sized “images”. It gives me a lot more options for design and it looks more custom.

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  • And for the Mac users in the crowd, just use iPhoto. I do this for all of my clients that buy new construction. I take pictures of the home in various stages, then deliver the book after they close. I keep it a surprise, but they love it, and it helps with referrals. iPhoto lets you add text, so I add a note as the first page, and all of my info on the last. The new owners are so proud of their house that they show that book to all their friends, and we usually get a call. Plus, compared to some of the prices listed here, I’d say it’s one of the least expensive options. Quality is excellent, and delivery is fast.

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