VerticalResponse: An Easy Way To Manage Your Marketing Campaign

July 19th, 2007

Yesterday Scott Hargis sent me a copy of his e-mail marketing that he is sending to clients. I’ve talked before about how if you are building your business it’s a good idea to keep regular contact with your past and potential customers by sending them e-mail and post cards. This doesn’t replace face-to-face contact, it just reinforces it. Realtors do this with their customers so they expect it and recognize good marketing so don’t be bashful about sending e-mail newsletters, post cards etc. In Scott’s case he simply sends an e-mail with a photo-link to his “Recent work” gallery on his website. This can keep your name and work in front of your current and potential clients. If they don’t which to receive the marketing piece they can just op-out (unsubscribe).

The point of is that it simplifies the process of managing your mailing list and letting clients subscribe, unsubscribe to e-mail or post cards as well a creating and sending the marketing pieces. Managing your marketing with a tool like actually improves the professional appearance of your marketing.

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10 Responses to “VerticalResponse: An Easy Way To Manage Your Marketing Campaign”

  • Wow, those prices aren’t too bad…. Thanks for sharing that Larry…

  • The prices are fantastic – my mailing list is a few hundred addresses – it cost me less than $5.00.
    The coolest part is the data you get back – I can see exactly how many recipients actually opened my email, how many clicked on the link, and even get the specific email addresses that did these actions.
    So for example, I know that so far, 34.05% of recipients opened my email, and 26.16% actually clicked the link (and presumably viewed the portfolio).
    I also know, as an example, that Gary Weinheimer (who is on my list) opened the email (automatically, probably) at 11:01pm, one minute after I sent it, but didn’t click the link until 11:45pm. Gary was up late that night.
    They also automatically scrub duplicate emails, so I can just keep a running list in excel and periodically upload it without worrying that I have someone twice, or three times.

  • I was probably reorganizing my google champaign (which is paying off in spades)… I’ve signed up, I’m going to put a list together tomorrow and get it off. Thanks for the inspiration as always… It looks very easy and won’t even have to bug my web guy…

  • Ummm…I did not get an e-mail from your Scott…what’s up with that?!

  • This is going to work well for myself as well as some of my clients. I find that though agents are seeing the need to tap into the web they are unsure of what works and what is hype. Because most agents do some form of mailing already this will be a comfortable tool for a lot of them. It is nice and focused. Scott great find and thanks for sharing that with us.

    M. James

  • i have been meaning to do this for a while, thanks larry, I will try it out tommorow

  • I use a similar system. The site I use is It’s also very affordable, has nice templates, gives great feedback, and follows all anti-spam rules. Just thought you all might be interested in an alternative. I use this for my real estate business, and have started using it for my photography clients. It lets you set up mailing lists, so it’s perfect for my needs.

  • Hey thanks for the post Larry! I’m Janine, the CEO of VerticalResponse.

    If anyone who has commented sets up an account, shoot me an email with your username (especially Larry) and I’ll give you a discount on the product.


  • VerticalResponse sounds great. I’ll give them a try.

    And Janine’s discount offer sounds good too! 😉

  • Hey Shaun, or anyone who can help….

    You mentioned you use it for real estate and photography…I used to be a Realtor and now I want to be a Real Estate photographer in Austin Texas. Can you help me in what I need to get started ? How to start advertising, how to sell myself and my photography, do I need digital and do I need o be able to give my clients vertual tours with the photos I take? I am very new to this and know pretty much nothing about it but know I love photography and since I was a Realtor, I think I could capture what a buyer would want to see in a home. Anything you could tell me will help, thank you so much.