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July 10th, 2007

Back in March of this year Jim DHeam over at made some sample DVDs of a couple of listings we had at the time. What Jim does is create a Flash slide show with listing photos that you e-mail him, he sends you the link to the slide show with in 24 hours and then sends you two DVDs with the slide show on it. Back in March Jim wasn’t hosting an online tour, thats a recently added feature.

Jim’s DVDs made a believer out of me! I was quite impressed with the tour on DVD concept. I’ve been making CDs of my tours for years so I’ve been aware of the excitement that giving tours on CDs to buyers and sellers generates. But I’ve always run into the problem that my CDs don’t run on Macs and for some non-technical people a CD that runs on a computer is a mystery. With a tour on a DVD it runs anywhere: PCs, Macs and living room DVD players. People can use it wherever they are most comfortable. What’s more, it looks awesome on large screen TVs that have become so popular the last few years.

If you are not into making your own Flash tours and DVDs Jim does it for $29.95 or $19.95 for just the DVDs or just the internet tour.

If you are up to doing it yourself there are a bunch software to create Flash tours and DVDs. Jim says he’s tried a number of products for making DVDs and likes iDVD on the Mac best. For making Flash tours again there are a huge number of alternatives but Jim uses Mono slideshow from Readers have more suggestions for their favorite Flash slide show software over in the reader discussion on flicker.

I believe this combination of large (800×600) slide shows and DVDs to go is currently the most effective combination for real estate tours.

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11 Responses to “Flash Slideshows Online with DVDs to Go”

  • I think that the best option would be a software program that would allow you to build just one tour that could be posted online and work as a DVD. I barely have enough time to build a slideshow, much less build two. I would definitely be interested in a program that could combine the two together.

  • I agree with Cherie. I use but unfortunately they are not transferable to a DVD. I don’t get that many requests. Just recently did a DVD using iDVD for a friend/realtor for a memorial service DVD. I’ve had requests for 10 of them from friends and family. Another business opportunity.

  • Really? is it that hard to create a slide show movie on a DVD. Doesn’t Lightroom output flash slideshows? I have never tried just the slide show, I did waste a week trying to convert Quicktime videos to DVD but the quality was horrible and the process buggy.

    Is the only option to become a videographer?

  • I use Swf’n slide pro and it’s easy. Flash show in less than 5 minutes and you can export into many formats including Macromedia and Quicktime. I make my websites with Homestead…all template based, no html needed. I just import the shockwave file.

  • I am currently using Pro Show Gold, but it is a work in progress.
    Web Show

    This program will produce flash, web show, CD, and DVD with a lot of options.

  • My code was defective. Try this:

    Web Show

  • bill, doesn’t work on a mac.

  • Bill,
    Your Web Show link wants to download a plug-in of some sort. The whole point of using Flash slide shows is that 99%+ of viewers on the planet already have Flash installed so downloading anything is not required. Whenever you ask users to download stuff (even Java and QuickTime) just to see your photos or tour you immediately loose a huge number of viewers. Many will not download because they just don’t want to take the time and annoyance and many others (like myself) will not download because they are concerned about “what evil lurks within”.

  • Got the below response from dvd-tour. Apparently there isn’t a way yet.

    From: James DHaem
    To: Mike Martin
    Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 2:45:53 PM
    Subject: Re: Flash Conversion to DVD


    I have not found a way to covert a Flash Slideshow to DVD with
    acceptable quality. I use monoslideshow to create a Flash Slide show
    for the web, I simply edit the XML file. I then use iDVD on the Mac
    to create a DVD.


    On Jul 12, 2007, at 1:38 PM, Mike Martin wrote:

    > I produce Flash virtual tours. How can you convert them to play on
    > DVDs? See an example tour at:
    > Mike Martin

  • Larry, I agree that the viewer is a problem and I am working on that.

    Like I said, It is a work in progress.


  • Good work Larry.

    I appreciate the Blog. Although I don’t contribute often, I’m always reading the blog. I regularly recommend PhotographyforRealEstate.Net to our client’s.

    We’re currently researching how to offer DVD format after your tour is built with As most of you know, saving to DVD format takes a WHILE. We’re not sure, at this point. how we’re going to accomplish this …. but rest assured, we’re working on it.

    It’s funny, we thought that getting to the “Download to CD” stage (original plan was .EXE) would be UTOPIA!!! Of course, technology has advanced since we introduced …. so, now the HD TV’s (generally flat … LCD or Plasma) are the norm.

    Good News!!! We’ll have 18 new background music seletcions available this week.

    If you have questions about our services or need our assistance in any way, please contact us anytime.


    Brad Claghorn
    President, L.L.C.
    (314) 256-9252

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