Lightroom 1.1 Moves Closer to Being The Only Photo Editor You Need

June 28th, 2007

If you already own Lightroom and have used it in the last few days it will have automatically asked to be updated to version 1.1. Version 1.1 is free and has some pretty nice features. The two I like the best are sharpening, noise removal and clarity. Uwe Steinmueller over at has one of the best summaries of the new features I’ve run across.

Sharpening now works much like Photoshop CS3 in the area of sharpening. Clarity is a awesome new feature in Camera RAW 4.1 that Lightroom and PS CS3 now use, that allows you to improve the local contrast and detail in an image. On the images that I’ve used it on the effects are quite striking. I like it!

The significance for RE photography work flow is that there are now only two features missing from Lightroom that prevent it from being the only software a real estate photographer will need. Those features are perspective and lens distortion correction. It seems very likely that these are features that will be added to Lightroom in the future. But to it wouldn’t hurt to let Adobe developers know what you think by giving them input on the Lightroom User Forum.

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9 Responses to “Lightroom 1.1 Moves Closer to Being The Only Photo Editor You Need”

  • I’ve just installed DXO this week and notice you can only use key features such as distortion correction, vignetting, purple fringing and lateral chromatic aberration with an untouched raw file meaning you have to do this first leaving Lightroom for use as only available for the resulting DXO exported tif file. I don’t have Lightroom but assume (like DXO) some of the features would be limited working on the tif file than the original raw. If either of these 2 apps had all the features it would radically improve the workflow

  • I could never tell that sharpening did anything with version 1.0. Big difference in 1.1. Haven’t tried the other new features yet. I’m wondering if Adobe will actually add perspective and distortion correction. Having those two would, as Larry noted, essentially wipe out the need for Photo Shop in a lot of cases. On the other hand, it might induce people to buy a $300 piece of Adobe software rather than passing on both Lightroom and Photo Shop because of the price.

  • Discussions in the Lightroom user forum indicate that Adobe has promised to provide a SDK (Software Developer Kit) sometime after version 1.1. Once there is a SDK third party developers will be able to develop plugins like they can for Photoshop and someone will develop a lens distortion and perspective correction plugin if Adobe doesn’t supply one.

  • Well, finally you can use sharpening in LR, in the 1.0 it was doing more damage than good, now in 1.1 gives much more control, also as Larry mentioned, clarity, resulting in more defined edges, something like an unsharp mask in PS with big radius and small amount. Can’t wait to see perspective correction.

  • The new LightRoom represents some major improvements and I find myself incorprating it into daily life more and more. I just wish there was selective dodging and burning on a separate layer. I never use the perspective controls in PS – find the free transform tool much more effective and faster – or Andromeda LensDoc has lens profiles much like DXO.

  • The Luminous Landscape has a 35 minute long Lightroom 1.1 video tutorial update that is free if you register as a customer on the site’s store.

    I am very happy that you can now merge libraries from different locations.

  • Yes, if LR had perspective correction and the ability to do some dodging and burning, it would be darned near perfect.

  • New from the DXO website for the 4.5 update

    ” New ‘Process to Adobe Lightroom’ feature within DxO Optics Pro that will send your DxO-processed images straight into an Adobe Lightroom library.
    A lot more detailed information on this is available

    The corrected files will be integrated directly into your Lightroom library with the metadata preserved.

    DxO Optics Pro v4.5 is the first major photographic software application to start building a common workflow with Adobe Lightroom. We’ve long been pioneers in establishing compatibility with Adobe technologies and this is no exception.”

  • I just purchased Lightroom and I would like to include music along with my photo presentation. I have read the Lightroom getting started guide and find that apparently the only music which can be included is from iTunes. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

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