Summary of Real Estate Photography Ethics Ideas

June 26th, 2007

Judging by the traffic on the blog and the number of comments on this subject the ethics of modifying real estate photos is a topic of high interest. So I’ve attempted to  improve the wording and summarize previous posts and comments and suggestions on the ethics topic and create a page that has a link at the top menu bar. You can continue to make comments on the original post below or the new page on the menu bar.As a related note: Reuters, Adobe and Canon are working on technology that will detect doctored photos.

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One Response to “Summary of Real Estate Photography Ethics Ideas”

  • I have a little different question about content of a real estate listing photo. Is it ok to have a (willingly) picture of the next door neighbor and her dog in a listing photo of the front of the house being sold. As I said the neighbor consents and agrees with the photo.

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