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June 9th, 2007

Last week I had to post our rental home on Since I use to create my craigslist ads I was looking around on and noticed they have added some new features since the last time I was there.

To me the most interesting feature is the listing widget feature. This is a feature that allows you to create a little Flash display window that displays all your vflyers. You can then embed this little window on blogs and web pages (click on the image above to see an example). I can’t embed it directly on this blog because blogs do not allow the embed HTML tag so I created a page with the widget on another site. The way you would use this widget is if you had a vflyer for each listing you could put in on a Realtor site and it would display a list of all the vflyers.

There are other new widgets that you can use only if you have one of non-free accounts. This is a list of the different levels of accounts and what they can do. If you have a $9.95/mo account you can embed video on vflyers.

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One Response to “ Listing Widget”

  • Interesting stuff – I can see some potential in this for putting listings outside of the box. It starts to open a new venue rather than the stuff everyone else is doing. I think being able to provide professional classified services to realtors would be appealing in that it takes them from from the mainstream to another area of the web that they are unfamiliar with. It is a unchartered water and would be appealing to some – if only just to try it and see.

    Thanks Larry,

    M. James

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