LightSource Podcast Interview with Nathanael Bennett

May 24th, 2007

You may have noticed that back on the Scott Hargis tutorial on how to light a room in the comments Geoff Wilson recommended the LightSource Podcast (E041) that features an interview with Interior and Architectural Photographer Nathanael Bennett. I listened to the Podcast and also recommend it. The interview features:

  • Getting started in architectural photography
  • The challenges in architectural photography
  • Balancing strobe light with ambient light and room light
  • Color temperature issues
  • Required equipment for location sessions
  • Exposure tricks and settings
  • Tripod selection
  • Camera positions and tripods
  • Perspective controlled lenses
  • Using light modifiers
  • Choosing between continuous or strobe lighting
  • Dealing with white balance
  • Multiple light setups
  • Using negative light for de-emphasis
  • Helping the client tell a story
  • Remote triggering of strobe lights
  • Time of day for great exterior photography
  • Advice for budding architectural photographers

This is not real estate photography since Bennett says he carries huge amounts equipment and spends 3 hours setting up each shot. However, Bennett shoots with a Canon 5d and PC lens and his process has much in common with real estate photography.

Note that you don’t have to have a iPod to listen to this Podcast. You can download iTunes for free. Then go to the iTunes store under Podcasts and search for LightSource. Then subscribe to LightSouce, download episode 41 and listen to the Podcast on your Mac or PC. Or you can just download the Podcast directly from the LightSource site.

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3 Responses to “LightSource Podcast Interview with Nathanael Bennett”

  • Bennett also puts in a plug for DxO Optics…which by the way is running another 20% off promotion until June 10th. Use promo code “3YRSDXO.”

  • That was me above…

  • Its amazing the amount of equipment he lugs arround, I carry 4 lamps, tripod, camera and lens bag, aerial camera and pan tilt and laptop. even with that my car is full!

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