Interesting Natural Light Series by Michael Asgian

May 22nd, 2007

The last few days I’ve been talking to Michael Asgian who owns Michael showed me a recent series of work that he did for a “sophisticated” client who was looking for a very specific “heavy look” in photos to market their home. These photos will be used in a historical home magazine. When I first saw these photos I though for sure that Michael was using Photomatix but michael says “No Photomatix”. Michael shot this series of photos with with a Canon 5D, Sigma 12-24mm and available light. He said that he used some masking in Photoshop but mostly available light. I think these photos have a very interesting and unusual look. The reason I thought these were done with Photomatix is the accentuated look of the shadows that the interior lights cast on the walls and ceilings. Michael says the image above with the dark blue ceiling was particularly challenging to shoot.

Michael also does 360 virtual tours with a Canon 20D and Sigma 8mm fisheye lens. Here are some examples of the 360 tours that he does:

For these 360 panoramas Michael shoots 6 frames around with the Sigma 8mm on the Canon 20D. The 20D works well with the Sigma 8mm for panoramas because the cropped format of the 20D maximizes the amount of pixels you get with a shot because the frame is filled with the image. I use the same lens on my full frame 1Ds and don’t get as many pixels because the image circle fits completely within the sensor boundaries and many pixels are unused.

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