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May 13th, 2007

Aaron got me going on a way to use to give Photography For Real Estate blog readers a way to post and discuss their own images. Flickr is also a way to get your portfolio of real estate work out there (for free) so it can be seen.Here’s the way it will work. Every week I’ll introduce a theme on the blog for flickr posting (This weeks theme is post “your best twilight shot”) and PFRE readers will post one or two of their images with this theme that they would like to show off or get feedback on. For now let’s limit the number of image posts to 2 per week. Aaron has already posted two of his images out there.I’ll put links on the blog to both the the flickr stream of photos and the discussion. I’ll also use the flickr side-bar widget on the blog to display the flickr group photo stream.Feel free to give me suggestions on how this is working. I’m relatively new to flickr and thanks Aaron for getting me started on this idea. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just needed a push to get started.Update: One added note is in addition to posting to the “Photography For Real Estate” group if you tag your photos with the tag “photographyforrealestate” then they will show up on the side bar of the blog.

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11 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate on”

  • Should we tag the images with something special? Will you be starting a group over there? I’m a little hazy how this will work.


  • Gary,
    There is a group on flickr which has a pool of photos (also called a photo stream). If you join that group then I believe the group will show up as on your Organize tab and you can add photos to the group stream. I just posted to photos to the group that way.

    I’m new to flickr so there may be another or better way to post to the group.

  • I just found the group, thanks. May I suggest that you have everyone tag their images with sometihng like twilight, or contest or something like that. You might want to read “what are tags?” at the bottom of this page.

    This way we can load other Real Estate images into your group and you can still find the contest images really easily.

    Good to see you on Flickr Larry.

  • Gary,
    Yes you are quite right, they should all have a common tag. I noticed that all the photos in the group pool need to have a common tag to be included in the flickr side-bar widget. So let’s use the tag “photographyforrealestate”.

  • Cool, works great… I added a couple of exteriors…

  • I hope a lot of people pile on to this – would be a great place for discussions…

  • Added some of my images (will add more when I get back from Europe next week) and I definitely like the idea.

    HNT GLI is my Flickr ID.

    -Jonathan Henderson
    Wa Photography

  • Great concept – I just need to figure out how to get my images into the Real Estate Section. I have them tagged correctly – just not uploading to the right place.

    Some good looking images so far.

    M. James

  • I decided to see what the upgraded Flickr Account added – If nothing else the batch upload feature is worth it to me. I am now uploading around 650 images as I sit here working. I have to admit I had always dismissed Flickr as a bit of a joke but am fairly impressed with it so far. It will be a great place to post my non business images.

    So thanks Larry and Aaron for turning me onto the service.

    M. James

  • well, I uploaded a photo, not quite sure where it ends up, though. I added a tag ‘photographyforrealestate’ and ‘twilight photo contest’

  • Open your photo, then at the top select “add to group” and any group you are a member of will be displayed and you can then add your photo to the group.

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