Don’t Forget About Polarizers When It’s Sunny

May 8th, 2007

This is the time of year when real estate photographers need to make sure they have a polarizer in their bag.

It’s easy to forget that when it’s sunny outside you should try a polarizer on all your outside shots. In bright sunlight a polarizer makes colors rich and saturated. This gives an outdoor photo a real punch. It can also give the sky and clouds increase contrast in many cases.

I was shooting the home above that we listed for a professional photographer. After showing him the photos he suggested that I use a polarizer. For some reason I’d completely forgot about the wonderful effect that a polarizer can have on an outside shot. After this shoot I never forget my polarizer. The disappointing thing is that I’ve never figured out how to put a polarizer on my Sigma 8mm fisheye lens that I use to shoot 360 images. The front of the lens is curved so I haven’t found a way to mount a polarizer on it.

For more info on polarizers see:

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2 Responses to “Don’t Forget About Polarizers When It’s Sunny”

  • Larry, you would not want to use a polariser when shooting a multi-image 360 degree sequence anyway.

    The polarising effects become very noticable when you come to stitch the images together.

  • Also, with ultra-wide angle lenses, you gotta be real careful to get the polorizer lined up just right – otherwise, you end up with some pretty bad banding in the sky! (been there, done that)

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