Canon Live View Allows Remote Wireless Operation

May 1st, 2007

Highlighting a recent comment by Marc Lacoste, the new Live View system introduced on the new Canon 1D  Mark III is of interest to photographers wanting to shoot from an elevated point of view on a tall mono-pod or pole. An article by Vincent Laforet on explains his experiences with Live View shooting elevated wide-angle shots at the Masters golf tournament. This is exactly what you need if you are trying to get a high point of view shot of the exterior of a home.

As Marc points out, the 1D MkIII is not the ideal camera for shooting interiors because of it’s 1.28x field of view crop but it could work by using a Sigma 12-24 lens. I think the main point is that this kind of wireless technology is probably not far away for many other cameras.

Another feature of the 1D Mark III that I like it that you can have it display a grid in the view finder so the shooter has a reference for keeping horizontal and verticals in order.

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3 Responses to “Canon Live View Allows Remote Wireless Operation”

  • Finally a GRID …… Unfortunately am holding out for a replacement to the 1DS MKII.

    M. James

  • The Nikon D200 has somewhat of a grid.

    M. James:
    Can’t you get a grid screen for the 1ds Mark II?

  • Hi Aaron…… you would think ….but nope.

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