What About RealPix Point-And-Shoot Aimed At Realtors?

April 16th, 2007

Recently a company called RealPix announced a point and shoot style camera designed for Realtors. I has 22mm fixed focus lens, 640×480 pixel resolution, “high-powered” built-in flash all for $299. It is expected to ship in July.

Reviews at this point are mixed. Darren Murph at Engadget is not impressed. Nor is Wired’s Gadget Lab.

In my opinion, this camera will not impress Realtors. I have a lot of Realtor friends and very few would buy something like this. All the Realtors I know already have more sophisticated camera’s in their cell phones (minus the 22mm lens).

Via: Wired & Adorama News

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5 Responses to “What About RealPix Point-And-Shoot Aimed At Realtors?”

  • The concept is good,
    But 640X480 is not much good for anyone, even for website images that sort of resolution is going to struggle to impress anyone. Most camera phones these days have double or three times that.

    I also don’t like the idea of no LCD screen, What if an agent goes to a property and snaps some shots and then finds that they are blurry or their finger is in the shot.

    This camera would be great if it was 3mp and had the lcd screen.

    At 300 bucks I don’t think they will be selling many. At 80 bucks they may sell a few more.

    To be honest I found the manufactures website insulting to professional’s photographers and real estate agents

    Cheers Vince

  • The concept is valid, but Ill be interested in seeing just how distortion free the image is. Also with no exposure control (software controled) the window blowouts should be interesting. Im personaly seeing a 300.00 Holga 🙂

    I guess we should all be shaking in our collecive boots that his company has made it it’s mission to put us out of business….

    30 miles south of somewhere,

  • This camera is just another way to generate miserable real estate photos.

    Drew, somewhere on the Realpix site they describe the lens as being rectilinear so there is no fish-eye distortion, so they are only talking about fish-eye distortion… not barrel distortion.

    But it makes me wonder if there is a market for realtor kit with more MP as Vince mentioned, exposure control and two dedicated, remote strobe/umbrella units with TTL exposure.

  • My guess is, yes, they’ll probably sell quite a few

    Here’s my thinking

    1) Most RE agent already don’t know makes a good image. But, they think they need a wider angle lens

    2) Image quality really doesn’t matter to most RE agents. They just want it easy and think they need a wide angle lense

    3) It’ll be an inexpensive item that they can pitch to potential clients that they now can take ‘professional’ photographs

    I think this company did its marketing homework

    Surprising there are no sample images, nor any comparision shots of a SLR rig vs thier point and shoot

    I’m sure though, will be hyping up this product and how it’ll make one a ‘pro’ photographer 🙂

  • I guess a product like this means that we need to be somewhat territorial. In the general public, most people don’t understand the difference between standard screen resolution (72ppi) and commercial print resolution (300ppi).

    Most of the agents that I work with have large scale brochures commercially printed, most of which require a front photo that is at a minimum 7.5 x 10 inches, at 300 ppi. Such a photo can easily be produced with a Digital SLR. However, a camera that is limited to 640 x 480 pixel images simply cannot produce a high quality print at the sizes necessary for these brochures. In fact, it can only produce a quality printed image at about 2.1″ x 1.6″. I think that if you highlight facts like these, you won’t have any problem selling agents on why they should continue using your services over wasting their money on this camera.

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