What About Photoshop CS3?

March 28th, 2007

Since Photoshop 3 I’ve been one of the first in line to upgrade my version of Photoshop. This time it feels different to me. I’ve been using the Beta Photoshop CS3 on one machine and I have to say I like the feel of the new Bridge but I haven’t run into a CS3 feature I can’t live without. Lately I feel like I’m being over run by new Adobe software.

Maybe it’s because Lightroom just came out and I’m still learning how to be effective and comfortable with Lightroom. Just after Lightroom came out I got a copy of Photoshop Elements 5 and it has all the features I need. At this point I feel I could get by just fine with Lightroom and PE 5 so when the CS3 media circus started yesterday it didn’t grab me like a new version of Photoshop usually does.

I’m sure there will be some compelling feature in CS3 that will become a reason for upgrade, I just don’t see it at this point.

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3 Responses to “What About Photoshop CS3?”

  • The big thing for me is that CS3 runs natively on intel macs. I am looking to upgrade machines and almost bought a quad G5 thinking that CS3 wouldn’t be ready until late this year. Now I might have to buy a shiny new MacPro! Uhhhg.

    I did see a cool tutorial somewhere of Photoshop CS3’s new photomerge feature that combines photos. I have heard that there is a neat new selection tool, a new black and white layer method, and an easier print setup, among other things.

  • Any word yet on the price of the standalone PS? I have the full CS2 suite, but have no need to upgrade all those other titles (which I rarely or never use anyway). The new price tag on the entire suite is pretty scary.

  • Upgrade is $199 and non-upgrade is $649. See:

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