Zigview Remote View finder and Trigger for Mast Shots

March 13th, 2007

Scott Hargis pointed out an interesting little piece of gadgetry. The Zigview S2 lets you plug a remote viewer with a 40′  extension into the eye-piece of many digital SLRs. This looks like an easy way to put you camera on a long monopod or mast. It looks to me like this remote viewer and shutter release for my Canon body would cost under $400. Now all I have to do is find a mast or tall monopod.

Thanks Scott.

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6 Responses to “Zigview Remote View finder and Trigger for Mast Shots”

  • wow, looks like a good, low cost option for aerial shots. Now where can I get hold of a reasonably prices mast?

    This is a good piece of kit too

  • Mvus,
    Getting a pole may not be the crux of this problem. You can get up to 40′ fiberglass poles at: But as yet I haven’t heard of anyone usings these. The real problem is how do you support the pole with 4.5 lbs of DSLR and lens on the top of the pole.

    In Europe, UK and Australia there are hydraulic masts that are mounted on bumpers of cars but I’ve not seen any available in the US.

    Perhaps this would work if you used a very light camera & lens.

  • The cheapest one I’ve seen is this 40 ft mast
    that comes with tripod stand for stability. I’m in Europe so I could get one but 15oo euros is a lot

  • A better remote: the Canon 1Dmk3 with its live view mode, usable wirelessly: (with a video)

    OK, the 1Dmk3 is $4500/3260€ and its fov crop is 1.28x, making the canon 17-40 and 16-35 ultra-wide zoom only 22 or 20.5mm, but the canon 14mm would be like a 18 and the sigma 12-24 will be a 15.5mm equivalent.

    I hope this mode will catch on the concurrence, Olympus is selling that since one year and a half.

  • I have a kit for a 40 foot mast. I have mine attached to a golf cart but you could attach it to a trailer or vehicle as well. Kits start around $1300, assembled masts start around $3000.

  • A cheap portable mast can be made from Army Surplus – Camouflage Support System. See link

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