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March 9th, 2007

Today I got 2 DVDs in the mail from Jim DHaem over at Jim offered to make me a demo of his DVD making service. So I just e-mailed him 20 photos of a listing that just closed last week and he created a DVDs slide-show complete with Ken Burns style panning over the still shots and a subdued music sound track. I normally shut off sound tracks on most tours because I find them annoying. But I like Jim’s because its minimal. Jim puts his DVDs in a clear, thin style DVD case and makes a printed cover that is a composite of the external shot of the home with a Realtor photo, listing info and contact information. These DVDs are suitable for a seller or buyer gift sending to prospective buyers. I’m going to give these to the seller and her daughter that helped get the home ready for market.

I was actually trying to create my own DVD using Photoshop Elements 5 and Premiere Elements but Jim’s DVDs came before I was able to get mine working. Frankly, I rather order the DVDs from Jim (2 for $19.95) than spend the time making my own since it will take a fair investment of my time to learn how to make DVDs as good a Jim makes.

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  • I’ve made dvd’s on idvd and photoshop elements 5 and love the format but it always seems like the photos become degraded on a dvd vs a flash slide presentation made with adobe. I love the fact that you play the dvd’s on a tv but even on my plasma the photos looks unsharp with distorted colors. I’m curious to see if the dvd’s from this company have better looking photos.

  • I’ve been using the photodex ProShow Gold, which is pretty easy and fast to use. I also did notice a slight degradation in quality, but, the agents it was done for were extrmemly pleased with it. I suppose those of us with a critical eye might catch the drop in quality, but most don’t seem to notice.

  • I had Jim make my DVDs with the exact same files that I had on the MLS and real estate web sites. The optimal file size for DVDs is larger than the web. Of the photos I used for this listing I got some neighborhood photos from another agent and enlarged them to match the 800x600x72 files that I shot. The enlarged photos didn’t look good but uncritical viewers find them acceptable particularly when viewed across the room. When you look too close on a large flat plasma screen its easy to find fault!

    Then there’s the aspect ratio problem. Photos I use on the web are 4:3 and large screen TVs like 16:9. When I first looked at the DVD I thought Jim had done something to the images but it was just that I had the TV in full screen 16:9 mode.

    Any one know what the optimal file size is for creating DVDs for a large screen plazma TV is?

  • 1920 x 1080 is HD 1080i
    1280 x 720 is HD 720i

  • Drew,
    Thanks, that what I was looking for so if DVDs are made with these files sizes the will be HD quality.

  • HDTV Sony

    Excellent post.

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