What Real Estate Photographers Should Do When They Go To Realtor Meetings

March 5th, 2007

I’ve mentioned before that one of the best ways to get clients is to attend Realtor meetings. All offices have a sales meeting about once a week. If you call the managing broker they will usually let you come make a presentation to all the agents in the office. Better yet get a Realtor that you’ve done work (and likes your work) for to invite you the the meeting. Referrals are very powerful.I had a question today about what to do when you get a chance to go to such a meeting. Here is my response:

Put your presentation on hand-outs and give everyone a copy of everything you are going to say. Also, have your name, phone # and website URL all over the presentation.There are several reasons for this approach:

  1. You don’t have to worry about getting through the presentation since everyone will have a copy.
  2. Frequently you end-up not having enough time to get through the presentation… actually it’s better that you don’t get through it all since agents have short attention spans. If they have a copy of your material they will take out of it what they need and want.
  3. Your main purpose it to connect with the agents and to appear confident in the area of real estate photography.

A couple more suggestions:

  1. Base your presentation on the NY Times article that I referred to a few weeks ago .
  2. This article has some of the most compelling arguments for using a RE photographer I’ve seen for a long time. And who’s going to argue with the NY Times? Include copies of this article in your handouts.
  3. Feel free to handout copies of my 10 essentials of Real Estate photography. The point in using this is that Realtors will see that these are important items that they are not equipped to do… but you are.
  4. Just relax and be yourself  and you’ll do fine!

Realtors will appreciate the NY Times article. Our managing broker found it on her own and recommended it to everyone in the office but most Realtors have probably not seen it.

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13 Responses to “What Real Estate Photographers Should Do When They Go To Realtor Meetings”

  • Thanks for the advice, Larry! preparing materials now 🙂

  • This brings up an interesting point — handing out copies of the NY Times article.

    This article, like all content from the Times (and everyone else) is protected by copyright. You can order reprints from the Times, but 50 black & White prints will run you nearly $100!! Forget that, Charley! It really makes it tempting to just go make some illicit copies. But then what leg will we be standing on when our photos are infringed?

    The saddest thing of all is that the article can’t even be LINKED anymore – you have to subscribe to get online content from the Times. The video can still be linked.


  • Scott,
    You’re correct handing out full copies would violate copyright. However, building a presentation around excerpts and quotes from the article would be perfectly legal.

    I can still link to the article. I’m not sure why you can’t.

  • It also helps to have a portfolio of your work that agents can open up and look at. I have a large leather bound portfolio that I pass around the room, and I bring a folder or a wire bound booklet for each agent to take with them. I include a few samples of my work in that as well…they don’t have to be full page photos, but a couple shots on a page will work. And make sure that if you are printing on an inkjet that you use glossy brochure or photo paper. That makes a huge impact, and the prints are much more clear than matte paper.

    In addition, I make sure that my packets include a price sheet, and I include a discount certificate for new clients. This is a huge incentive to get agents to try me out, especially those that are already using one of my competitors.

    I have found that a really good way to get in the door of a real estate office is to call one of the top agents in the office. I offer to do a photo shoot for an upcoming listing for half price. In exchange, if they like my work, they give me an endorsement and request to have me come speak at their next “vendor day” or at another office meeting. That has worked wonders for me! I’ve technically only been in business since January 2, and I’m already shooting 10-15 listings each week. I can’t complain!

  • I forgot to say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so don’t say too much when you are in front of a group of agents. Show them what you can do, and emphasize quick turn around time and good customer service. These are things agents are looking for! And, please don’t give them the impression that you know more than they do, using Larry’s “10 Essentials” is a great way to point out how you can help them increase their listing’s exposure.

    And it doesn’t hurt to throw in something for free. Agents LOVE free stuff! I include a slideshow for all of my shoots, at no additional cost to my clients. And, I get calls all the time because of that! It works, TRUST ME!!! Okay, I think I’ve said enough…I was a marketing major, go figure. And I know what clicks for Realtors.

  • Cherie,
    You talk like a marketing major! These are all great ideas.

  • apologies for the weird linking in my comment above 🙂 The links do work though.

  • Well… maybe you CAN still link to it. I don’t understand why when I go from the link that I was originally emailing out to my list it doesn’t work anymore (I hit the NYT ‘registration’ page) but when I use Jason’s link above it works fine….I’ll try this again tomorrow.

  • Interesting timing for this article. I had my first full presentation at a real estate meeting today. I was a bit anxious about the presentation but prior to my introduction the owner of the agency read excerpts from the aforementioned NYT article before I spoke. I joked that he had already basically done my presentation for me but then they did more of an interview of me asking really good questions. They really put me at ease and I ended up not using my prepared presentation but covered a lot of important points. Now I’d like to do some more. I’ve discovered that I actually like to speak to large groups.

  • Mark,

    I am curious as to what sort of questions you were asked ?

    Could you just paraphrase a couple – it would be helpful.

    On another note …… someone near the top mentioned a leather bound portfolio which means it can be kept nice and current. I am thinking about producing a book with say a hundred shots in it to hand around at the weekly sales/marketing meetings. They are not that expensive and I have even considered producing one for each high end listing that I receive.

    M. James

  • M. James

    I really sorry I can’t help.Someone else asked me that same thing and I have completely blanked out what was asked including the lead question from the president/owner of the agency.

    BTW, I really enjoyed looking at your gallery. I love the work you’re doing.

  • Thanks for the compliment Mark always nice to hear nice things from others in the same business.

    M. James

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