CD Slideshows Are Good But DVD Slideshows Are Better

February 27th, 2007

J Dhaem makes a good point, “CD’s are nice, but DVD’s are even better.” The thing I like about DVD slideshows is that almost everyone has a DVD player at home and all someone needs to do is pop it in the DVD player and they can see your slideshow on their big screen TV. The DVD format has the potential of getting your photos in front of more people.

The question I have is what is the best software for creating slideshows on DVD. I know there’s some out there because I’ve made DVD slide shows several years ago. At the time it seemed like a struggle but there must be an easy way to do it these days. If you Google “DVD slideshow” there are tons of software that comes up.

Can anyone recommend a good DVD slideshow maker?

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9 Responses to “CD Slideshows Are Good But DVD Slideshows Are Better”

  • iDVD. If you’re on a Mac.


    Proshow Gold better yet ProShow Producer

  • I ordered the ProShow Gold. I had my first real paying job! 🙂 The RE agent wanted the complete house, one of the rooms HDR merged, and a DVD slide show. Good timing for this subject:) But alas, I don’t have a DVD burner. So now I’ll need to get one, probably an external. Oh well, this one job at least will pay for the software and burner….

    Examples of the latest shoot are on my website

  • Imovie and IDVD on the Mac.

    or Ulead CD & DVD PictureShow 4 on Windows PCs. They even have a free trial available at:

    I have used them both and they both have their own merits. The hardest thing to do is setting up the first DVD Tour template, once that is set up you can reuse it for all your tours with in a few minor modifications.

  • Karl – congrats! Thus begins the snowball effect. I liked the new kitchen shot best of all. How’s your lighting setup working out?

  • Scott – Unfortunlatly, money has been tight, I’m primarly doing contract web work to pay the bills. I did get the triggers from eBay, hopefuly should be able to pick up at least 1 SB-24 shortly.

    A quote from the agent 🙂 ‘You have a gift! I really like them, and look forward to seeing the rest!’

    That’s at least motivating…

  • Yes, I love Microsoft Photo Story 3! It’s easy to use and most of all is FREE! Here’s the link to its website:

  • Now if there was only a way to do 3D tours from a DVD player, that would be very cool

  • I use photostory 3 and nero to create the DVD. Nero allows you to put several tours on the DVD. Here are some samples of tours created with photostory.

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