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February 25th, 2007

Thew, busy weekend. Just got back from a ski trip in Whistler, BC with great snow AND I had a new grandchild (Avery Lohrman) this morning. Can’t wait to get down to Salem, OR to meet him!

To continue the discussion from the previous post about Flash slide-shows. The Blue Fire blog has some tips on how to customize the look of the Flash slide-shows that Lightroom creates.

I think that Flash slide-shows are significant in real estate photography for several reasons:

  1. They look good and typically have nice smooth transitions between photos.
  2. People can’t steal your photos by right clicking and saving the photo.
  3. The slide-show format with thumbnails and a “play” button is a very intuitive way to display a series of photos.
  4. They make a nice virtual tour of for real estate listings.
  5. You can easily burn CDs with Photoshop Elements 5 or from Lightroom created tours.

All in all I think they are the preferred form of real estate virtual tour. You can either create your own customized tour with Lightroom if you have web space some place to host them or

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  • Larry,
    Elements 5 also has a “map” feature where you can place photos onto a map (uses Yahoo maps API) and then you can export your map to a Flash gallery that will have both a “gallery” view and “map” view that are cross-linked. If you’ve not looked at this yet, you might find it interesting…

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