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February 20th, 2007

I need to highlight a comment that Hojin Chang a Realtor in SW Orlando just made so that everyone sees the link he pointed out. Hojin points out that there is a excellent free Property Photography e-book/site on Nick Stubbs’s All Things Photography web site. This property photography site has a huge amount of information on it. It has many excellent examples of how to deal with all the classic interior photography problems. Thanks Hojin for the link!

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13 Responses to “Nick Stubbs’s Property Photography Site”

  • Well, call me negative, but I think the images on that site are awful!
    Walls not evenly lit, camera not level, color balance just bizarre, shadows and hotspots, lens barrel distortion, dark and gloomy…..YUCK!

    I didn’t read all of the text, but it sounded like he had some good tips about watching out for details like lamp cords, etc. But I’m just not impressed with the results… I completely off base here?

  • Scott – Can you give us a specific example?

  • I can’t say that I noticed too much of what you are pointing out. It aint Matt Slik or Robert Brantley but it is immensely better than most of the real estate images that I see even from many professionals.

  • Well, maybe it’s just me, but it looks sloppy. On page 4, the weird orange/red hallway with the shutter speed so slow it blew out the sunny spots on the left and put red/orange reflections on the ceiling.
    Page 5 (photographing the property) has a massive hotspot on the cabinetry, which also darkens as you look to the right. This image is also tilted down to the right. I’m guessing he tried to light this room with an umbrella.
    Page 9 (Pool table image) there’s an obvious flash behind the table making a hotspot on the wall, and it’s also tilted to the right.

    Photographing the Living Room — light fall-off from ceiling to floor, and color balance

    Photographing the Kitchen – too hot in the foreground, too dark in the background, the second picture has color issues.

    I assume he has a reason for cropping so many pictures short & wide, but he doesn’t explain this.

    Again, most of these issues are easily resolved with a little fiddling around. His advice of putting a flash on either side of the camera, each flash pointing out and away seems a little crazy to me….

  • Hi there,

    I totally appreciate all the comments on my site here and agree with some of it. However, please remember three things…

    1) It is all free
    2) Images lose a little quality with web size and I must admit, they were taken over 3 years ago.
    3) The info is MEANT to get people thinking, that is how I personally progressed and improved over time. People should be thinking “I can do better than that” or “Oh, I get it but what if I did that…it would improve the shot”. How else do we get motivated and improve?

    The whole point of the entire site is to get people off their A**es and to get out and take pics.

    To pick up on a couple of points…

    “Page 5 (photographing the property) has a massive hotspot on the cabinetry, which also darkens as you look to the right.”

    That was a window behind me…

    “Page 9 (Pool table image) there’s an obvious flash behind the table making a hotspot on the wall, and it’s also tilted to the right.”

    Sorry…completely natural lighting…no obvious flash. If you look at the shadow on the floor, it is created by the three lights above the table which also create the hotspot. Although I agree it is tilted…

    “Photographing the Living Room — light fall-off from ceiling to floor, and color balance”

    Agreed, though the light fall off was from bright sunlight hitting an overhead terrace outside creating a bright area.

    “I assume he has a reason for cropping so many pictures short & wide, but he doesn’t explain this.”

    I cropped simply to make the pages shorter and from habit when seeing them in brochures etc. I try to break away from the boring standard rectangle images direct from the camera. I crop square too sometimes…fancy that!!!

    Like I said, it is all free and aimed at beginners and if nothing else it has sparked a discussion and I genuinely appreciate the comments.

    I also agree that some of it is “sloppy” and has convinced me to add a few newer pics so thanks for that. I wanted to get it online asap and it took forever.

    Anyway, thanks for all the “enlightenment” and if you would be so kind as to now critique my new wedding section, I would be very grateful….really, I mean that, good or bad.

    Cheers and all the best,


  • Hi Nick –
    Very gracious, especially after I used un-necessarily harsh words like “awful” and “sloppy”. Getting people off the couch and shooting beyond their point-n-shoot is the first step, and you have a ton of information and advice there that should give them confidence to get started. Certainly all of your images are several steps up from what is commonly seen out there, and you have some genuinely quality stuff that would hold up against anyone’s standards.

    Sorry to have started off with a one-sided comment!

  • Thanks for posting this! I’m sure that someone as accomplished as Scott might notice the ‘flaws’, but being a rank amatuer myself, it’s great to read up and find as much info as possible on this subject matter

  • Scott,

    Remind me not to list my web site. 🙂 Actually, after I read this thread I went back to my website and made some revisions just in case. Made my thumbnails larger for those folks who don’t realize you can click them to make them larger. Looking at Nick’s images, I find many too small to judge.

    One thing that Nick does is bring in a lot of lights to the property. I don’t do that and in most cases I find it unnecessary. I have a remote and an extra flash unit but barely use it.

    If you read this Nick, I’d love to get a response to the email I sent to you about two weeks ago regarding your use of the Lightbox.

  • Hello again…

    “Very gracious, especially after I used un-necessarily harsh words like “awful” and “sloppy”.”…

    Gracious…me? Not a chance : ) Polite sometimes maybe. I have seen enough BS, bickering and bitching on the internet between photographers to last a lifetime…a few choice and honest comments are not going to hurt me.

    If you read enough of my website, you will read that I never confess to being either “right all the time” or a “perfect photographer”.

    What I do know is that I have earnt enough from photography to buy a relatively comfortable life in Southern Spain for me and my family and all I am trying to do is pass on that info and advice to beginners or enthusiasts, although what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander and all that jazz (stupid saying alert)!

    In all my research online, I have never found the Utopiah of photography and I know I never will…freedom of speech, opinions, taste, techniques and skill levels vary way too much for that.

    There are some mind-blowing artists/photographers out there that I am totally in awe of that sadly will never get anywhere due to (mostly) the lack of knowledge or understanding of marketing themselves and their work or they simply don´t care!

    My aim is to just make a good living from photography…if I happen to take a beautiful image worthy of being on my wall now and again…bonus!

    What I have personally done during all my research, is to pick the many little bits of useful stuff from many different places, whether from websites, books, forums or magazines to try and better myself in all areas.

    If someone finds one thing on my site that helps or inspires them then great! As I said, it is all free.

    I learnt certain property lighting techniques from a die hard medium format film property photographer about 6 years ago and some of it has stuck. Some villas I shot 2-3 years ago were huuuuge and worth over €10 million Euros so you had to at least be seen to be doing it right! Turning up with a speedlight and Fong Dong wouldn´t cut it.

    I now mostly shoot smaller 3-5 bed villas for the web with just one or two speedlights and diffusers as for one, I can´t be bothered with all the lighting equipment most of the time.

    I am by no means an expert on property photography, I just shoot a lot of them. An average month for me could be shooting 5-20 villas, 1-4 weddings (12 last June!), maybe 100-300+ stock images, shooting and editing stock video, a few odd bits here and there and then finding time to build and update the website.

    Anyway, I am rambling…at the end of the day I appreciate all your comments and there was certainly no harm done. In fact you kicked me up the A** to get a couple of changes made : )

    The site was originally built as a hobby to kill time in lazy Spain but has now grown quite a bit over the last two years. I am now in the process of completely re-vamping the lot and your comments were pretty positive at the end of the day.

    Mark…I thought I replied? I will check my emails again. Also, what thumbnails can´t you see on my site? Most should open larger as instructed on the pages. As I said, all is being re-done at present.

    All the best to all of you and stay happy : )


  • Mark – The bigger thumbnails look much better! Nice work. I am debating whether or not to go through the hassle of enlarging all of my portfolio pics.

  • Aaron,
    Your portfolio looks really good to me. I think you’ve added some images which I think is better now. I’m using Rapdid Weaver to build my site and some of my images were displaying darker than they should. Now after resizing them, they’re looking right. File size might be slower for viewing but I think they look better.

    I really like the work you’re doing.

  • Wow, thanks. I briefly browsed through a few pages of the e-book/website and appreciate all the information. Much useful. Thank you both for sharing!

  • hi,

    i thought i’d say hello to everyone. i’m new here.


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