Boost Your Revenue by 25% With Custom Slideshows on CD

February 20th, 2007

Real Estate Photographer Cherie Irwin‘s two comments on the previous post are worth highlighting. Cherie says says she has increased her revenue by 25% just by offering custom slide-shows on CD.

I can attest to the fact that both sellers and buyers love photo CDs with a slide-show or virtual tour on it. I’ve been doing this for years for all our sellers and many times buyers actually ask for them too. Being a Realtor I give them away to get referral business in the future and because I like doing it. Real estate photographers be aware that Realtors are always looking for a nice little gift to give their sellers at closing so if you can offer Realtors a snazzy little CD with all the photos you took of the home and have it packaged nicely like Cherie describes you can sell your photos again on a different medium.

I think packaging for kind of product is important. Cherie’s comment describes how she prints on the CD. This is a nice touch but if you don’t have the right kind of printer to do this you can also print CD labels and/or CD cover labels. What I do is use mini-CDs (3.5″ in diameter) that come in little plastic CD covers. I print an insert for the the CD cover that has a front shot of the home, it’s address and our phone number and logo on it. One seller liked the CD I gave him so much he ask for one for each of his 5 kids.

Cherie creates her CDs with Photoshop Elements 5 but don’t forget, you can also burn a cd like this for free with Picasa 2.

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One Response to “Boost Your Revenue by 25% With Custom Slideshows on CD”

  • CD’s are nice, but DVD’s are even better. Printable DVD’s can be purchased for $0.40 each at Sams club. A CD will show your photos on a 19″ monitor, a DVD will show you photos on a 32″ TV or a 52″ Plasma TV. Quality photos on a BIG TV are very impressive. I create DVD slideshows for my realtors. They get two DVDs, one for the buyer at closing and one for the seller as soon as the virtual tour is finished. The house photo and a realtor photo are printed in full color on the DVD and the DVD is placed in a clear DVD case, to allow the realtor to inset a few business cards. The clear case shows off the full color printing on the DVD and since it is in a DVD case people will play it in their DVD player. Since the seller is proud of thier home; they show the DVD tour to their friends, who are usually impressed that the realtor created a DVD tour of their home. If they are interested in selling their home they take a business card. The buyer is proud of thier new home purchase and shows the DVD to all of thier friends, with the same result. I believe the DVD tour markets the realtor more than it markets the home. I allow the tour purchasers to make as many copies of the DVD as they like for open houses or I provide them copies for an additional fee.

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