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February 18th, 2007

Last week I got several good reader suggestions for products that real estate photographers and Realtors might want to use. I’ve decided to make a page to list all these reader suggested resources and things that I comment on. This page can be accessed directory by just clicking on the “Resources” link in the horizontal link bar just below the main banner of this blog.If  you have something you’d like to add to this list just leave a comment on this page in the comment form at the bottom. As time permits I’ll go back and add the resources I’ve commented on in the past.

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4 Responses to “Real Estate Photography Resources”

  • That is unbeleivable ….. I just literally stumbled upon that same link last night and was going to post it in here. Yes there is a lot of good information there and the images he presents are strong well made images.

    M. James

  • Photo distribution resource inquiry

    How do you distribute your photos to your clients. I offer two versions of all photos. A high res print version and a MLS optimized photo. I put both version on a private ftp server in my home under the clients name and property address. The site is password protected, but there are limitations to ftp. There are no individual passwords, no thumbnail preview, no reports on who accessed when, clunky interface that is intimidating to some realtors, security of corporate systems preventing the logging into the server.

    I have thought of using Flickr for this purpose, but there is no download entire directory function. I see there is sharpcast, phanfare, picassa, is anyone using these services for this purpose?

  • I give them full res images on a CD ….. and if it is a client that I have access to their servers I place copies of the images on their servers – In a location that their in-house advertsing staff have access to. This eliminates Agency Staff from having to bother the agent for the CD. Most of my clients are high end and rely on me to just handle things. I often get requests 3 months later for the orignal pictures from the agent because they misplaced the CD. I can then refer them back to the in-house staff for that which in most cases is more convenient for them than getting it from me.

    I am not sure that addressed your needs but might provide food for thought.


    M. James

  • Sounds good, it make me think I am over complicating things by not providing the CD and being done with it.

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