Lightroom Can Streamline Real Estate Photograhy Workflow

February 16th, 2007

The more I use Lightroom the more I’m convinced that it has the potential to nearly take over a Real Estate Photographer’s work-flow. I know, I’ve been chastized by my Mac user friends for not including Aperture... if I had a Mac I’d try it out.

I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of my copy of Lightroom 1.0 which from all reports has several features that the beta versions didn’t have. The most significant is cloning and healing for spots. It looks to me like Lightroom 1.0 is only missing one feature essential for Real Estate Photographers. That is image distortion required for making sure walls are perfectly vertical. However, if you are careful, and use a bubble level or carefully watch the verticals in relation to the edge of the image frame in the view finder you don’t have to straighten walls after the fact. I’ve gotten so used to straightening walls in Photoshop that I don’t even pay much attention to keeping them perfectly vertical when shooting. I like straighting walls when I have a vertical guide to help get it perfect.

For now if you need to straighten walls you’ll have to continue to do it in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Hugin.

The other image adjustment Lightroom won’t deal with is barrel distortion correction. That is, if you use a wide-angle converter or have a wide-angle lens that has barrel distortion you need to correct it. All zoom lenses have barrel distortion but if you don’t have straight lines near the edge of the frame you usually won’t notice it. As I’ve mentioned in other posts PTlens is an effective way to deal with barrel distortion.

I just love the wonderful interface that Lightroom has for fine tuning white-balance, exposure, color etc. This interface combined with the quick and easy interface for selecting and cataloging images is superior to anything I’ve used. For those who shoot JPG you get all the same benefits as if you were shooting RAW.

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2 Responses to “Lightroom Can Streamline Real Estate Photograhy Workflow”

  • I am a Capture One license holder and use it with Adobe products. I was very interested in Lightroom, but the Beta was missing one or two things, and was not consistent in others. The interface is great and intuitive.

    The exporting of multiple versions One Print resolution, and a web resolution, at the same time was a little more complicated than C1. Also I often set the white balance and CC on one photo and then use the same settings for all angles and variations of that room (especially sets of fish eyes) by applying the settings to multiple photos. This was inconsistent for me in BETA. I would apply the settings to three or four photos and when I went back to use them in another program the changes were only applied to the first.

    At $199 it really is tempting just to own it. Now C1 has been tight lipped about what there next version 4 will include. They were the leaders for 2 yrs I am sure they have something up there sleave. Does anyone have any C1 v.4 rumors?

  • John, regarding the issues with batch processing, are you sure you were doing it right? I found that it was very non-intuitive and finally stumbled on the “sync” button which resolved that problem for me.
    Biggest problem with the beta for me was the lack of a “Help” menu! I just don’t have time to keep up with the forums at Adobe.

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