Windows Vista Mucks With Your Metadata?

February 13th, 2007

Stephen Shankland over at Cnet reports that “…Windows Vista and the Microsoft Photo Info tool can cause problems with metadata or the image itself.”

I’m an old Mac user (1985 to 1992) that moved to Windows because for a long time our local MLS did not support Macs. But now days that’s not no longer the case. To me the Mac Powerbook Pro is looking better and better.

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2 Responses to “Windows Vista Mucks With Your Metadata?”

  • I’ve always been a Mac user and I really like the tools it provides for me with my re photography. I use iPhoto along with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and it’s a very good work flow. I’m trying to decide between the Mac Book Pro 17″ or a 20″ Desktop iMac. Decisions, decisions. I like to work in local cafe’s for editing and the MacBook Pro is appealing in that regard.

    It seems like the portability of a laptop would be ideal for you Larry with your Salem and Seattle lifestyle.

  • I love my mac powerbook as well. I think a 17″ MacBook Pro loaded with its maximum RAM would be a great way to go. What I don’t like about the iMacs is that it is one unit and when and if the screen goes kaput, you’re stuck with buying a whole new computer. I know that’s a bit nitpicky, but it helps me rationalize my lust for a quad Mac Pro with a 30″ display!

    “Once they get Photoshop CS2 to run natively on them, then I’ll get one”, I tell myself!

    With Parallels, the NWMLS site now runs on macs (this is my girlfriend’s excuse for why she NEEDS a new MacBook).

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