They Need Real Estate Photographers Down Here In Mexico!

January 31st, 2007

We were walking on the beach North of Puerto Penasco this morning and ran across a great ocean front property. I has it’s own marketing website. The setting is stunning. Right out on a rocky point on the Sea of Cortez (no big surf or bad storms because it’s protected). 4700 SF and 2.2 million USD. Very remote and fairly private. You have to go on a several mile dirt road just to get to this point. It is so remote it has it’s own desalinization unit.This is a for sale by owner and the photography is probably by the owner. This is the kind of home I would love to photograph. There are many opportunities for really stunning interior photos here but of course the owner’s photos just barely shows what the place looks like. The photo above is mine that I took from the beach with my CoolPix. If I had more equipment down here with my than a CoolPix I’d go offer to photograph the place just for fun but I didn’t even bring a tripod… I’m traveling light.

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2 Responses to “They Need Real Estate Photographers Down Here In Mexico!”

  • Now I want to congratulate you for not taking all of your “stuff” with you to Mexico so you could just relax. But you ended up thinking about all of us, didn’t you!

    Beautiful property. Makes my fingers itch. But you’re right, those people need us. Anyone up for a convention? πŸ˜‰

    Dawn Shaffer

  • Hi Dawn,
    I took my Coolpix-4300 and felt very constrained when my sister-n-law ask me too take RE Photos of her home in Phoenix that she is going to rent. It turned out to be constructive to work under some equipment constrains. It forced me to discover some great features in Lightroom.

    We are scrambling to get back to Seattle to put a home on the market tomorrow.

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