Lightroom for $199 Introductory Price

January 30th, 2007

I’m on vacation in Puerto Penasco, Mexico struggling with the spotty Internet connections. I’m going to make a post while the wireless connection is “very low” before it goes away completely. Aaron pointed out this morning that Lightroom was just released the other day. I missed the announcement since I’ve not been online much. I was pleasantly supprised that the introductory price for Lightroom is $199. This seems well worth the price to me. I was expecting it to be $300 or $400.

I’ve been using Lightroom allot here in Mexico. It’s to much stress for me to travel with my Canon equipment in Mexico so I just brought a CoolPix with a wide-angle adapter and a fish-eye adapter. I figure if it’s stolen I can live with the results. Everyday after shooting all day I import everything into Lightroom to review the day’s shooting. I’m getting so I only open images in PS when it’s something I want to make serious photo-editing.

One of the things I like about Lightroom when traveling with my Coolpix that does not create a RAW file is that Lightroom allows one to work with JPEG files exactly as I work with RAW files from my Canon back home. That is, you use the camera raw sliders on JPEG files just as if you were working with a RAW file. If you then open in PS there will be layers or alpha channels that are automatically created to make the adjustments indicated by the sliders.

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3 Responses to “Lightroom for $199 Introductory Price”

  • Just wanted to put in a plug for Lightroom — I’ve been using the beta version and it rocks!
    However (and this is a big however) it for some reason lacks basic editing tools like a clone stamp, healing brush and perspective controls, making it virtually useless for architectural work. I mean, c’mon Adobe — everyone has to spot out lens/sensor dust sometime!!

    That said, Lightroom is unbeatable for editing large shoots of people or outdoor subjects. And the color and tone balancing controls are just wonderful. In fact, if I’ve taken a truly spectacular Interiors shot and want it for my portfolio, I’ll take it into LR first to color correct, then into CS2 for the regular treatment there.

  • Scott,
    Version 1.0 of Lightroom will have the ability to clone and use a healing brush… See the recent post on on removing dust spots. Apparently this was a feature added because so many beta testers requested it.

  • Scott,

    Those are the two features that I am also missing. It’s a same to have to jump to photoshop for just one of two missing features. 🙁

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