How Would You Like to See Support Video

January 22nd, 2007

Here’s your chance to give some input to the folks at They are thinking about adding video to vFlyers and would like some input on how it should work. Aaron Sperling at asks:

“…I had a questions regarding video support for Real Estate. I wondered if you or your blog readers have a perspective on this. We are looking at options to support video in our service.

There are several options.

  1. Have people host the video on external site like YouTube. Have vFlyer user enter link. We then frame the Video similar to how we frame the Slideshow photographs.
  2. Allow direct upload of videos on our service. Stream Videos in High resolution 3. Allow direct upload of videos on our service. Stream Videos in Low resolution

I wonder what people expect to pay for video hosting and how important is high resolution streaming…”

If you’d like to give input on this subject just leave a comment on this post for Aaron.

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4 Responses to “How Would You Like to See Support Video”

  • I don’t use vFLyer myself… so probably not one to comment, but since I do real estate videos…..

    I’m not sure what would be any different now…. can’t you currently post a link to YouTube now? You can from other sites.

    Personally, I think the quality of YouTube is horrible. If you’re presenting a video of expensive real estate, a blurry, low, low resolution flash video on YouTube doesn’t cut the mustard. If you’re going to use an existing online service, I would choose Blip.TV – my favorite. The quality is absolutely the best of any online video service.

    Don’t most people use vFlyer to post to Craig’s List? Craig’s list does not allow video (at least at this time). The only way you can do that is through a link on Craig’s List

  • Make a free option to add a youtube or blip or any remote video, and then offer hosted hi-res streaming for heavier users. I don’t think resolution is going to stop people from displaying a video if they have it.

    To Fred’s comment: If craigslist doesn’t support video then it may look cheesy with a blank window – maybe a “view video” icon on the main flyer that links to the sub-page video “gallery” hosted at vflyer (to get around the craigslist embedding problem)

    As for hi-res pricing. Tier the pricing for hi-res video streaming according to storage/bandwidth. Offer a free lower level with limited storage & bandwidth (enough for a few flyers) for basic+ users as a teaser.

  • A similar company has already started – you might want to take a look at ReallYo.

  • “A similar company has already started – you might want to take a look at ReallYo.”

    Most of the images on that site are not compressed. Some of the miniture thumbs at the bottom of the pages for ‘other properties from this agent” are a whopping half a megabyte and the main images are over 200kb when clicked on full size. Many examples have no images at all so looks someone’s put the site together recently

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