Are Ads Being Deleted From Craigslist?

January 9th, 2007

Highlighting a comment below by Ian, it appears that for some reason ads may be being deleted from craigslist. Ian says his was and my example post below indicates it was deleted also. I’ve re-posted may example ad and I’m going to track it closely to make sure it stays on CL a full 7 days without being deleted.

Are there any other examples of ads being deleted from CL?

UPDATE on Jan 14: Since I re-posted my demo ad on craigslist on Jan 9th it’s still there. It’s still there. So the issue with ads being deleted that Ian reported is I believe an anomaly.

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2 Responses to “Are Ads Being Deleted From Craigslist?”

  • It was apparently solved on Dec 26. I dug up 2 emails I recieved from vflyer last month regarding this problem . . . Here are the email excerpts:

    Dec 15 – We know that many of you are also Craigslist users and have posted your flyer to that site. We noticed today that many of the flyers were removed from the Craigslist site. We have contacted Craigslist and are working on resolving the problem. As soon as this is resolved, we will follow up with another email.Your flyers are still published to our servers and submitted to our other marketplace partners.

    Dec. 26 – This is an update to the Service Announcement that was sent out on December 15, 2006 in regards to the usage of vFlyer on Craigslist. We now want to share with you that we have updated the service to better support Craigslist and their community. These changes were driven by requests made by Craigslist management. Thus, when you are ready to post your flyers on Craigslist, please re-publish your flyers. You will then see the Craigslist compatible HTML. This HTML is also available on the Post Flyer Tab when you edit a flyer.

  • Uh Nevermind – I guess I should have read the previous post comments – Looks like I was the one out of the loop.

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