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January 8th, 2007

An update on had a article today on that released some aspects of the new pricing. Inman says:

…San Francisco-based vFlyer announced the launch of its subscription-based services Friday. While the company will continue to offer free services to sellers who create up to 10 published fliers, the new subscription plan includes basic services for up to 25 published fliers for $19.95 per month and premium services for up to 50 published fliers at $34.95 per month. Professional and custom pricing packages also are available….”

I’ll have the complete press release by (Wed 1/10) when it is publicly available.

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  • Larry,

    I am a Real Estate Broker in the Chicago suburbs and just started to use upon reading about them via your blog (thanks for all the insight). I created a flyer and then updated my craigslist post with the html provided by vflyer. Shortly after the post was finalized I went back to check it before emailing my client to show them the new and improved post and found it had been deleted by the craiglist staff. I read craigslist’s FAQ and it said most posts are removed due to a violation of the TOS. I shrugged and just said oh well. Why email them and fight over this and waste my time?
    I am not complaining to you, but more to ask you and your readers if they have encountered this too. I am surprised that a company (vflyer) that states it can be used specifically on craigslist would then be removed. I can only assume it is due to the nature of the post; real estate?

    Thanks for any insight you or your readers may have.


  • Ian,
    I went back and looked a my example post on craigslist that I used for and it also said that it was “deleted” although the time stamps indicated that it was on CL for at least 7 days. I’ll post a question on the CL help forum to see if anyone is aware of any reason it should be deleted. Thanks for raising the issue.

  • Both the flash and java immervision photography is projected on to a sphere that is way too small.
    What this means to you is that the software manufacturer (immervision) can’t get it right, even in their own advertisements. So if they can’t get it right, what makes you think you can use their software and get it right?

  • Larry,

    Here is an update for your readers.

    A couple weeks ago we elicited feedback from Craigslist management. They requested that we make a few changes to the flyer that was being used on Craigslist which we promptly did. Late last week, some customers told us that their flyers had been deleted by staff. We contacted Craigslist management immediately. After a few email exchanges, we were told that the flyers deleted were mostly flyers using the old format. They also expressed that they didn’t have a problem with the new vflyer format. The silver-lining is that we feel that we have already made all the changes to support requests made by Craigslist management. Other services have yet to go through this process.

    I hope this clarifies the issue.


    Aaron Sperling

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