Real Estate Photographers Christmas Present From Adobe

December 27th, 2006

On December 15 Adobe released a free beta version of Photoshop CS3. Because I’m a Photoshop geek, I was one of the first to down load and install the new beta version. I’ve been using it for all my work since Dec 15 and I like it a lot. Come to think of it, I can’t imagine a version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements that I wouldn’t like! This is the first time that Adobe has released a beta version of PS. They must like the way things are working with the Lightroom beta process.

Just today I discovered two great new features in CS3 that will help those of us that do panoramas and multiple exposures to battle burned out windows. The first feature is “auto-align” here’s a effective little demonstration video of how the new feature works. If you’ve ever taken multiple exposures of interiors to combine good window exposure with good interior exposure you will immediately see that this will save you a bunch of time.

The second feature is”auto-blend” which blends two adjoining, overlapping photos just like those of us that make panoramas need to do when we repair stitching defects in Photoshop. Hans Nyberg, a noted panoramic photographer has posted a comparison of how this new CS3 feature works compared to other auto-blending options. A tutorial on how to use auto-blend and auto-align by Russell Brown.

I’m hooked already. I can’t live without Photoshop CS3.

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2 Responses to “Real Estate Photographers Christmas Present From Adobe”

  • Hi Lary, happy holidays.

    You’re much an expert than me on Photoshop, what are the important differences between Elements and CS for real estate photo use?

    I’m starting to use an old version of elements bundled with my scanner but my learning curve is steep, I find it really slow to use for small changes. And lightroom is too bloated compared to and its batch processing.

  • Hi Marc,

    Bonnes fêtes to you to!

    My choice of using primarily Photoshop is based on familiarity. I’ve been using Photoshop a long time and almost as a hobby have invested allot of time and money learning to use it. I never recomend full Photoshop to Realtors. For real estate photography Elements is all you ever need and it is designed to be easier to learn. And as your suggestions in the past have clearly shown you can do all the things real estate photographers need to do in other sometimes free software. There is an interesting article comparing Photoshop and PS Elements at

    Adobe targets the full version of Photoshop at professional photographers and graphic arts people and Elements at non-professional photographers. Over half of the readers of PFRE are real estate photographers that are either part or full time professionals and most use Photoshop. On the other hand, the Realtors that I talk to that do their own photography use Elements. Fact is, if your going to be a successful Realtor you don’t have time or neurons to spend on Photoshop or even photography. This fact is what has created the real estate photography business. There are only a few people that can function in both worlds. In my case, my wife is the realtor in the family and I’m really a geek at heart because I’ve spent most of my life as a software engineer.

    Lightroom, I believe will become the asset management software of choice for professional photographers. I’ve tried a bunch of different software to manage and catalog the 100 gig of digital photos I have and I like Lightroom the best. Even though Lightroom has many photo editing like features they are all based on camera RAW conversion. I think it will stay this way.

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