Home Preperation Check List for Photographers and Realtors

December 17th, 2006

Dawn Shaffer, a real estate photographer that works in the Vancover, WA and Portland, Oregon area left a significant comment on one of the Staging and Styling posts. Dawn says:

“We provide a list of tips for the homeowner to follow before we arrive. You’re welcome to “rip it off” (across the bottom you can click on the page and print it). …but surprisingly, Realtors love that we send this.”

Her list of tips she is talking about gives sellers a check-list of things to do to get ready to have their home photographed. This list is useful for both real estate photographers and Realtors to give to sellers because the list are the same things a home seller should be doing to get their home “parade ready” to go on the market.

Ideally Realtors should be spending time with their home sellers to get their home ready for market. This is should be done before the home is photographed. Dawn’s list is a great starting point for this activity. All real estate photographers could make use of a list like this to help seller know what to expect during a photo shoot and remind them that there are things they can do to insure their home looks great in the photos.

Incidentally, I like the policy that Dawn states in the list of tips that points out that the photographer will not be “assuming risk of moving furniture”. I’m guilty of encouraging RE photographers to move furniture around if necessary to get good shots but Dawn is right this should be done by the Realtor and seller. If you don’t have insurance that covers damage that you to so someone’s home you shouldn’t be moving furniture.

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2 Responses to “Home Preperation Check List for Photographers and Realtors”

  • Larry, thank you for the mention.

    All photographers and virtual tour providers can build their own from “the stories they could tell” or start from mine. It’s a great way to help the REP (real estate professional) and cement your relationship with her. After the listing appointment, sellers are usually overwhelmed and anxious. It helps them focus.

    I offer to send the tips to the homeowner or the REP, so they can choose (and perhaps adopt the list themselves).

    I truly feel that the more information we can share with REPs, the more they will trust us to do a thorough job.

  • I could only find an archived version:

    Any updates to be added after another couple of years experience?

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