Marketing Your Real Estate Photography With a Website

November 28th, 2006

If you looked at the image by Thomas Bliss that I talked about in the last post you visited Thomas’s website ( ). I was impressed by the clean simplicity and effectiveness of this site. I think it’s a good example of an effective photographer’s website. As I’ve said before, real estate photographers need to have a website to showcase their work. The feature I like the most is the large size of the photos in the galleries.As you can see from the small links at the bottom of each pages this website is a Flash site hosted at This is a hosting service that provides websites for artists and photographers. They have a huge number of templates both Flash and non-Flash sites. They can host an e-mail server for your domain and they can do e-commerce (so you can sell things). For around $20/month this appears to be a hosting service worth checking out.

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4 Responses to “Marketing Your Real Estate Photography With a Website”

  • Take care when using a Flash site if you wish your Google ratings to increase.

    I note that at, the meta keywords, description and title are in place. But because it is a Flash, site, Google sees this page as a picture, not words.

    Take a look at and see how it rates your site. If you’re using Flash, Google cannot reconcile the meta “stuff” with the “pictures” — it sees no words.

    If your photography site is just that, and you don’t really care about the ratings, then there’s no problem. We’re virtual tour providers first (Real Tour Vision technology) and must be visible to search engines.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Dawn Shaffer

  • Does anyone know if Dawn’s post still applies 3 years later, ie. has Google changed / evolved to be able to see & index Flash sites differently than when she wrote that post? I ask because I’m in the process of choosing a website template now (and reading all of Larry’s very informative posts on this issue), would rather have a Flash template, due to their dynamic look (as opposed to HTML’s static look), but I also want Google to be able to view and index my site. Any tips, ideas? Thanks, Luke Gibson

  • I am no expert on this, but I believe it is still the case that sites that are exclusively Flash are not recognized for SEO purposes. I use a Foliolink Flash website that has html components that allow for SEO. I believe that Livebooks does something like this as well. Also, the Foliolink Flash sites will convert to html when Flash viewing is not available, and thus they can be viewed on an Iphone.

  • @Luke, It’s difficult to generalize about “Flash sites”. If the entire site is done in only Flash, then yea Google is won’t be able to indexing it. But, if you use Flash players like Slideshow Pro, SimpleViewer or Monoslideshow embedded in HTML (like most gallery sites) indexing is not a problem. You can still put meta tags titles etc in the HTML.

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