Image Editing Services For Real Estate Agents

November 9th, 2006

Last week I talked to John Durrant who recently launched I’ve been so busy with moving to Oregon that I’m just now getting around to writing a post about it. John is aiming at providing image editing services for UK Real Estate agents although I’m sure John would do image editing for real estate agents out side the UK. John’s image editing services is designed for real estate agents who are too busy selling real estate to learn Photoshop. I know many agents that know their images need some help but just don’t have the time to “climb the steep learning curve” of Photoshop.

For USD $3.33 (1.75 British Pound) per image John will correct image problems like removing cars or garbage cans from driveways, correcting lens distortion, fixing skys, grass and other image defects. John’s site also has a section on his site called “Help and Advice” that gives some pretty good advice for shooting real estate photos.

John has two other sites where John sells his services of shooting elevated photos with a 56′ photomast and  (still in development as of 11/09/06) where John shows his interior and exterior photography.

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